Here are a few resources to help you along the road to accreditation.

Part of an in-process organization? Find our full array of tools and resources in your MyCOA Portal.

For all organizations

Accreditor Comparison Guide

Compare COA’s Private accreditation process to CARF and the Joint Commission.

COA Fact Sheet

Get a quick overview of everything COA.

PQI Video

Get a quick overview of one of the most frequently asked about parts of our standards: Performance and Quality Improvement.

PQI Toolkit

Learn how to implement Performance and Quality Improvement with this in-depth tool.

Eligibility Criteria

Get an overview of the eligibility criteria for all of our accreditation programs.

For Private and Canadian organizations

Site Visit Date Calculator

Need to know when to apply for accreditation to meet a certain deadline? This is the tool for you.

Accreditation Learning Plan

Find recommended self-paced trainings and tools to assist you and your organization in learning the fundamentals of the accreditation process, COA standards, and how to use the MyCOA Portal.

2020 Edition Overview

Get an overview of the updates surrounding the 2020 Edition Standards.

2020 Benchmarking Overview

Learn about recent updates that will impact the Maintenance of Accreditation (MOA) process for private and Canadian organizations and equip all those who are COA-accredited with powerful data to understand their performance in the context of their peers.

For Public agencies

Note: These tools are helpful whether you work at an agency, are a legislator, or represent another group interested in or considering accreditation as a part of legislation, regulation, or judicial proceeding.

COA Accreditation-at-a-Glance

A handy form that provides an overview of COA public agency accreditation.

COA Accreditation for Mandated Public Agency Programs

Learn how COA works with agencies under government mandates.

For Child & Youth Development programs

The FOCI Self-Assessment for Out-of-School Time

Helps out-of-school time (OST) programs reflect on the fundamentals that support accreditation readiness and are prerequisites for continuous quality improvement work.

The FOCI Self-Assessment for Early Childhood Education

Helps early childhood education (ECE) programs reflect on the fundamentals that support accreditation readiness and are prerequisites for continuous quality improvement work.

Whitepaper: Staying Ahead of the Curve: A Blueprint for CQI in ECE and OST Programs

Learn about your options for creating an infrastructure that supports continuous quality improvement.

For Military Family Readiness programs

Accreditation Timeline

Estimate the time needed to complete the accreditation process from application to accreditation.

Fee Schedule

An overview of the fees associated with COA’s Military Family Readiness Program Accreditation.

Talking Points to Staff Template

A template for communicating accreditation to your staff.

For specific fee information, please visit our “Who COA Accredits” page.