Standards announcements

Our accreditation standards are updated on an ongoing basis to align with current best practice and reflect trends in the human and social services landscape.

January 15, 2020: Our 2020 Edition Standards are now live! The new standards will affect private, public, and Canadian organizations seeking (re)accreditation. When browsing the standards here on our site, look for the green 2020 Edition tag. Read more about the updates here.

Please note that the 2020 Edition Standards will not impact organizations that are currently in-process; however, organizations can choose to opt into the 2020 Edition Standards dependent on their accreditation timeline and other factors. If you are in-process organization and have questions about the new standards, visit our Frequently Asked Questions page or contact your Accreditation Coordinator.

For more information on the release of new standards sections or significantly revised standards sections, please refer to our News page.

Accredited/in-process organizations and volunteers can access information about standards updates through their MyCOA or VIP account.

Field comment

The following standards are in development/undergoing revision and open for public review and comment.

The next Standards Field Comment period will be from February 1 to 12, 2021. The following standards will be under review:

  • Mental Health and/or Substance Use Services (MHSU)
  • Group Living Services (GLS)
  • Housing Stabilization and Community Living Services (HSCL)
  • Counseling, Support, and Education Services (CSE)
  • Family Preservation and Stabilization Services (FPS)
  • Child and Family Development and Support Services (CFD)

Visit this page to find the standards on February 1.