Standards for Military Family Readiness programs

2020 Edition

Customer Rights Introduction


The rights and dignity of customers are respected throughout the MFR program.


Respecting the rights of customers requires that MFR program practices reflect a profound respect for personal dignity, confidentiality, and privacy. In addition to addressing legally protected rights pertaining to these concepts, the standards in this section also address the MFR program’s ethical obligation to protect these rights. 


Mandated customers and adults under the care of a guardian may have a reduced level of rights and the MIL-CR standards highlight instances in which this may be the case. However, the standards are not necessarily comprehensive, and MFR programs should become familiar with, and follow, applicable laws and regulations governing the rights of mandated or incapacitated customers. Individual rights may not be abridged unless superseded by legal mandate, court order, or lawful order of a commander.

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Note: The MIL-CR standards were revised in July 2017 to reflect current practice. For more information please see the MIL-CR Update Summary

Note: Please see MIL-CR Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards. 
Self-Study Narrative Evidence
  • Blank release form for disclosure of confidential information (MIL-CR 2.06)
  • Description of how the MFR program maintains privacy and confidentiality when providing services remotely using technology, as applicable (MIL-CR 2.01)
  • Procedures for resolving complaints at the local level (MIL-CR 1.13)