Standards for Military Family Readiness programs

2020 Edition

Administration and Management Introduction


Through sound administration and effective management, the MFR program achieves its vision, mission and strategic goals; assures appropriate use of resources for the good of customers; and remains responsive to the needs of the military community.


The Administration and Management standards outline the responsibilties of MFR program leadership to foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the military community; provide oversight of operations; and promote MFR program and operational improvements. The responsibilities set forth in the standards represent the multi-faceted functions that leadership assumes to ensure effective delivery of quality services.


Viewing: MIL-AM - Administration and Management


Note: MIL-AM and MIL-RPM were combined and updated in June 2017 to reflect current practice. For more information please refer to the MIL-AM Update Summary

Note: Please see MIL-AM Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.
Self-Study Narrative Evidence
  • Policies and procedures that guide service delivery (MIL-AM 9.01)
  • Procedures addressing:
    1. assessing the appropriateness of services (MIL-AM 9.02)
    2. obtaining consent (MIL-AM 9.03)
    3. instruction, training, and/or support for customers as appropriate (MIL-AM 9.04)
  • Description of customer involvement in program development and activities (MIL-AM 1.06)
  • Description of what is being measured, including:
    1. Outcomes
    2. Outputs
    3. Data sources
    4. Indicators
    5. Performance targets (MIL-AM 5.06)