Standards for Canadian organizations

2020 Edition

Governance Introduction


The organization's governing body guides and supports the planning, development, and achievement of the organization's mission and goals.


COA’s Governance standards reflect how excellence develops over time in non-profit organizations. The standards address several key concepts found in the literature on effective, non-profit leadership including, but not limited to, evidence of an association between the leadership and culture of a human service organization and the achievement of positive outcomes for the people and communities it serves. The standards outline the responsibilities of agency leadership to foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and community responsiveness.


In the context of Employee Assistance Program (CA-EAP) services, the community, as used in these standards, is defined more specifically as the host or customer organization, subcontracting organizations, and the covered individuals eligible to receive services from the EAP.  It can also be defined by the customer organizations’ workplace demographics.

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Note: COA’s Governance standards do not apply to for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations should refer to COA’s Administration and Financial Management (CA-AFM) standards.

Note: Please see the CA-GOV Reference List for the research that informed the development of these standards.

Note: For information about changes made in the 2020 Edition, please see the GOV Crosswalk. See also the ETH Private Crosswalk for Ethical Practice standards that are now found in GOV.