Standards for Canadian organizations

2020 Edition

Child and Family Development and Support Services Definition


Families participating in Child and Family Development and Support Services gain new competencies, improve child health and well-being, improve family functioning, and make family-community connections.


Child and Family Development and Support Services address the needs of the family as a whole and are based in the homes, neighbourhoods, and communities of families who need help promoting positive development, meeting challenges, and preventing adverse outcomes.


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Note: This section is designed to accommodate a variety of supportive programs for families and their children, including, but not limited to: (1) home visiting programs that deliver support services in families’ homes; (2) early intervention programs for children who have or are at risk for developmental delays; (3) parent education groups; and (4) parent/caregiver focussed intervention programs designed to address child protection issues and/or to reunify out-of-home children with their families. Out-of-home placements can include, but are not limited to, placements in: kinship care, foster care, psychiatric inpatient care, residential treatment, and youth justice facilities.

Organizations providing only parent education groups will complete: CA-CFD 1, CA-CFD 2, CA-CFD 3, and CA-CFD 8

Organizations providing all other services will complete the following core concept standards relating to general service delivery: CA-CFD 1-5, and CA-CFD 11. They will also complete one or more of the following core concept standards, based on the services their programs provide: CA-CFD 6, CA-CFD 7, CA-CFD 8, CA-CFD 9, and CA-CFD 10. For example, a home visiting program that provides education and support services would complete CA-CFD 7 and CA-CFD 8, whereas a home visiting program that provides health services would complete CA-CFD 6

Although organizations are only required to implement standards relevant for their program, it is important to: (1) recognize when families have needs or concerns the program is not prepared to address, and (2) connect those families with appropriate resources, services, and supports.

Note: Please see CA-CFD Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.

Note: For information about changes made in the 2020 Edition, please see the CFD Crosswalk.