Standards for Canadian organizations

2020 Edition

For-Profit Administration and Financial Management Introduction


The for-profit organization ensures accountability through effective administration and management, and sound financial management practices.


The practices set forth in COA’s For-Profit Administration and Financial Management (CA-AFM) standards represent the multi-faceted functions of the leadership within a for-profit human service providing organization. The standards guide the organization’s owners, chief executive, and management staff to implement practices that contribute to effective management, and that promote accountability to its community and the people it serves.


In the context of Employee Assistance Program (CA-EAP) services, the community, as used in these standards, is defined more specifically as the host or customer organization, subcontracting organizations, and the covered individuals eligible to receive services from the EAP. It can also be defined by the customer organizations’ workplace demographics.


Viewing: CA-AFM - For-Profit Administration and Financial Management


Note: The great majority of for-profit organizations providing human services are owned by a single individual or a small group of individuals. In many of these organizations, the owner, or one of the owners, assumes the role of chief executive officer. However, even when the owner or owners assume no administrative responsibilities at all, and hire a chief executive to be responsible for all administrative and management functions, they must be available to be interviewed by Review Team during the Site Visit.

Note: COA’s Administration and Financial Management (CA-AFM) standards apply to for-profit organizations only. COA's Financial Management (CA-FIN) and Governance (CA-GOV) standards are not applicable to organizations that are assigned the CA-AFM standards. 

Note:  Please see the CA-AFM Reference List for the research that informed the development of these standards. 

Note: For information made about changes in the 2020 Edition, please see the CA-AFM crosswalk. See also the ETH crosswalk for Ethical Practice standards that are now found in CA-AFM.