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2020 Edition

Adult Foster Care Definition


Adult Foster Care (CA-AFC) programs support community-based living arrangements for adults in need of long term-services and supports, matching them with in-home caregivers.


The Adult Foster Care Standards cover a range of programs that provide community-based care for adults of varying ages who are in need of long-term services and supports due to a number of conditions that affect their mental or physical functioning. Adult Foster Care aims to maintain these adults in homes with caregivers to assist with ADLs, IADLs, and other activities required for independent functioning, either by providing additional supports in the homes of service recipients and their families (a ready-made caregiver), bringing caregivers into the service recipients’ homes, or placing service recipients in caregivers’ homes. Adult foster care helps the service recipient in maintaining independent functioning to the greatest extent possible and assists them in establishing, supporting, and strengthening community bonds.

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Note: Caregiver refers to the individual(s) operating the residence, specifically those responsible for the care of the service recipient.

Note: Activities of daily living (ADL) refers to daily self-care activities, such as eating, toileting, dressing, grooming, etc. Instrumental activities of daily living (IADL) are those supports that are not necessary for fundamental functioning, but allow for an individual to live independently in the environment of their choosing and include cleaning, cooking, shopping, taking prescribed medication, etc.

Note: There are references to family members throughout the standards, however family should be defined by the individual and includes any supportive relationships that make up an individual’s informal support network.

Note: Please see CA-AFC Reference List for the research that informed the development of these standards.

Note: For information about changes made in the 2020 Edition, please see the AFC Crosswalk.