Standards for Military Family Readiness (MFR) programs

COA’s Standards for Military Family Readiness (MFR) programs are designed for military programs seeking accreditation for their military family readiness services. Military programs seeking early childhood education (ECE), after school (ASP) or youth development (YD) program accreditation should refer to the Standards for Child & Youth Development (CYD) programs.

The standards address both administrative and service delivery practices and are divided into three parts:

  1. Administration and Management Standards

    The Administration and Management Standards promote sound operations and management and address Human Resources (MIL-HR) and Administration and Management (MIL-AM). These apply to all programs regardless of the services provided or populations served.

  2. Service Delivery Administration Standards

    The Service Delivery Administration Standards address practices related to the administration of services, including customer rights and safety in the administrative and service environment. These also apply to all programs.

  3. Service Standards

    Service Standards address practices related to the provision of family readiness services. These standards apply based on your program’s scope and service population, and include:

  • Emergency Family Assistance (MIL-EFA)
  • Exceptional Family Member Program Family Support (MIL-EFMP)
  • Family Advocacy Program Services (MIL-FAP)
  • Financial Readiness (MIL-FR)
  • Military Lifestyle Support and Education (MIL-MLSE)
  • Non-Medical Individual and Family Counseling (MIL-NMC)
  • Volunteer Coordination (MIL-VC)