Standards for Child and Youth Development (CYD) programs

COA’s standards for Child and Youth Development (CYD) programs are designed to promote a program’s capacity to provide quality experiences that help children and youth thrive.

The CYD standards apply to a variety of programs, including:

  • Early Childhood Education (ECE) programs, including center-based care and oversight of family child care homes that are used to expand the capacity of center-based programs (Note: COA does not accredit standalone family child care homes.)
  • After School, Expanded/Extended Learning Time (ELT), Out-of School–Time (OST), etc. programs
  • Youth Development (teen) programs

The standards address both administrative and service delivery practices and are divided into two parts:

  1. Administration and Management Standards

    The Administration and Management Standards promote sound operations and management and address Human Resources (CYD-HR) and Program Administration (CYD-AM). These apply to all programs regardless of the services provided or populations served.

  2. Service Standards

    The Service Standards address practices related to the provision of Early Childhood Education (CYD-ECE) and Out-of-School Time (CYD-OST) services. They also include OST programming supplements for specific types of activities including arts education, academic enrichment, and mentoring. These standards apply based on your program’s scope and service population.