Become a Reviewer

Our unpaid volunteer reviewer system is a foundational part of our accreditation process.

Peer reviewer volunteers have the privilege of:

  • Doing their part to encourage best practice and the betterment of the human and social services field
  • Learning from other organizations (that are not in competition with one’s own organization), and
  • Traveling to and from Site Visits with expenses paid by COA

Learn more about our peer review system here.

Request an application

COA accepts Peer Reviewer application submissions on a rolling basis. You must meet the general criteria as well as the specified eligibility criteria for each role to apply. Review the criteria here before applying.NOTE: This is only an application request. If you meet the general criteria, a full application will be sent to you in approximately 5-10 business daysIf you are currently a COA volunteer reviewer, please log into the VIP and make a request for an additional role.

Once trained, COA volunteer reviewers are expected to adhere to COA’s policies and procedures and:

  • Agree to COA’s Confidentiality Agreement;
  • Agree to COA’s Code of Conduct requirements;
  • Commit to a site visit within 90 days of training date;
  • Agree to conduct at least two (2) site visits per calendar year;
  • Agree to submit an updated bio and resume on an annual basis; and
  • Participate in other training requirements, as they become available.

Please indicate the role(s) for which you are interested in applying and answer yes/no regarding each of the applicable qualifications.