Alliance-COA SPARK 2021 Call for Presentations

Alliance-COA SPARK 2021 Call for Presentations


The Alliance for Strong Families and Communities-Council on Accreditation (Alliance-COA) seeks presentation proposals for its virtual learning experience, Alliance-COA SPARK 2021, to be held Sept. 14-Oct. 8.

Focused on our commitment to advance equity, this virtual learning experience is designed to inspire individuals and organizations in their efforts to implement innovative practice, policy, and research for the well-being of all people.

From established and validated knowledge to novel thinking that disrupts conventional wisdom, we welcome proposals that effectively address the most persistent challenges and barriers to effective practice, leadership, and change. 

About the Alliance-COA 
The merged Alliance and COA and resulting new organization will convene and catalyze a dynamic, inclusive, multifaceted network of human/social services organizations that leverages the collective experience of the field and research to spark a current in the sector and drive continuous evolution and improvement. Our goal is to activate the power of the social sector and create a unified, intrepid, just, and purposeful network that propels our field forward so all people can thrive. The new organization will provide a range of offerings and opportunities to actively shape the future of the sector through policy, advocacy, knowledge exchange, certification, accreditation, connection, and ongoing reflective interactions.

Proposal Selection Process and Deadlines

All proposals must be submitted online through the form below by May 7, 2021. All required information must be included for proposal consideration. Submitting a proposal does not guarantee acceptance. Individuals will be notified June 4, 2021 if their presentations have been selected for inclusion in the virtual event.

The Alliance-COA will not permit any presenter to use his or her presentation to make a sales pitch for any specific firm, publication, or service. Presenters are not paid for their participation.

Requested Topics

We seek proposals that address the dynamics related to where influence sits, e.g., in decision making, resource allocation, and cultural responsiveness, and how to shift, redefine, or redistribute power in order to create a more equitable society.

  • Individual: Consider presentations that address how to navigate and advance one’s personal journey to further equity, diversity, and inclusion.
  • Organization: How to engage all voices in examining and changing existing internal organizational policies and processes for equitable impact. This includes developing leadership pathways for underserved populations, as well as ensuring that everyone in your workforce can be successful.
  • Community: How to elevate lived experience, identify and build upon community assets, and ensure all members of communities are at the center of decision making. How partnerships can create new opportunities and socioeconomic mobility.
  • Systems: Using our collective voice to reframe the way the public perceives the social sector’s role in the human services ecosystem. How to use advocacy, generative partnerships, and more to help change systems to achieve positive, lasting, and equitable impact. How to partner with philanthropy and other payors to ensure equitable access to and distribution of funds.

Alliance-COA SPARK 2021
Call for Presentations

Submit proposals by May 7

Direct questions to the Conferences and Meetings Department.

Submission Requirements

Address all the following submission requirements in your presentation proposal.  All presentation proposals must be submitted by May 7, 2021 through the online submission form above.

  • Contact Information: Include full contact information including name, title, organization, address, phone, and email address for the lead presenter (or main contact person) and any co-presenters. If presenters or their organizations use Twitter, list their usernames for increased connection with participants and event promotions.
  • Biography: Include a current biography for each presenter that is no longer than 200 words.
  • Presentation Title: Include a brief, descriptive title for your presentation.
  • Description: Describe your presentation in 350 words or less. Explain how your topic is practical and relevant for the attendees of this virtual event. Use compelling language that will not only clarify what attendees can expect but will also encourage them to attend.
  • Takeaways: List two to three key main points attendees will learn from your presentation.
  • Topic: Select the requested topic that best matches your proposal.
  • Audience Type: Select all audience types who this presentation will benefit the most.
    • Board member
    • Chief executive
    • Executive level staff (i.e., vice presidents, chiefs, etc.)
    • Director level staff (i.e., program director, etc.)
    • Management/supervisor level staff
    • Professional/clinical services staff
  • Related Content: Share links to any articles, reports, videos, etc. that have been published about the presenter or organization and the presentation topic.
  • Prior Presentations: If this presentation has been given before, list the conference(s) and date(s).