Private Organization Accreditation

Stillwater-based FamilyMeans provides services in budget and credit counseling, mental health, collaborative divorce, caregiver support, youth programming, and an employee assistance program. 


Orange County Government, Youth & Family Services Division

Rodney J. Hrobar Sr., LMHC, CPP, Quality Assurance Manager

As the lead agency in Orange County, providing the safety net for children and families, it is reassuring that our clients can be confident that their needs will be addressed in accordance with the most stringent standards of public, as well as private, accountability as monitored and reviewed by the Council on Accreditation. 
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Your Input is Essential

COA’s Standards undergo review and comment by hundreds of professionals while they are posted on the COA website during a Field Comment period.  The feedback and commentary shared through draft standard reviews is essential to creating standards that reflect current trends, best practice principles and continuous quality improvement.   In addition, the input and guidance received provides the diverse perspectives necessary to develop rigorous yet practical standards.   

Please take a moment to review COA’s Standards currently undergoing field comment or note those that are upcoming to ensure you have the opportunity to share your invaluable perspective.  We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Current Field Comment

Adult Foster Care Service Standards for Private, Public and Canadian Organizations 

Deadline to Submit: Friday, October 20, 2017

In an effort to better fit our standards to the multitude of programs organizations we accredit offer, COA has developed a set of standards for Adult Foster Care (AFC) programs. The new AFC service standards will apply to organizations who provide community-based care for adults in need of long-term services and supports and assistance in their everyday functioning. Pulling from seminal literature and a panel of experts, we have created a standards that promote the individual’s voice and choice, support caregivers, and encourage community integration. Now we need your feedback! Below are instructions as to how to best submit feedback. This is such a crucial step in the standards development process and your voice is instrumental to marrying the best practices with the realistic practices in the field. Below are the instructions how you can provide feedback!

How to Submit Your Feedback

1) Follow the links below to download a draft of the standards.

2) Provide your feedback by downloading the draft of the standards and using tracked changes to comment directly in the comments and then send the draft back to Isabelle Leventhal, and/or send Isabelle an email with a summary of your concerns/questions/comments, and/or submit feedback via this handy dandy survey!

There’s no right or wrong way to submit feedback (the only wrong way would be to not), so feel free to use any of the routes suggested! If you have any further questions, feel free to reach out! You can reach me at ileventhal@coanet.org or even call me at 212.797.3000 ext. 296.

3) Please submit no later than COB Friday, October 20, 2017. 

View and download the draft adult foster care standards. 


Updated Standards for After School and Youth Development Programs 

Deadline to Submit: Friday, October 13, 2017

In an effort to accommodate a wider range of programs and better reflect current practice in the field, COA has updated the accreditation standards for after school and youth development programs.  Through an extensive literature review and partnership with a panel of experts, we have endeavored to both streamline and strengthen the standards.  Highlights include new or enhanced content related to: 

  • program climate;
  • social-emotional development; 
  • behavior support and guidance;
  • types of programming (e.g., arts, health/wellness, academics, preparation for college/career); 
  • teaching and learning practices;
  • planning for personnel recruitment and retention;
  • personnel development and support; 
  • continuous quality improvement; and
  • the logic models that should guide program operations.

COA welcomes all stakeholders who have experience working with after school and youth development programs to comment on the draft standards. The feedback collected during field comment will enable us to further strengthen the standards, and to better support programs in their efforts to help children learn and thrive.  All comments provided will be taken into consideration. 

How to Submit Your Feedback 

1) Follow the links below to download and save the draft standards. 

2) Review the draft standards, and provide your comments directly in the documents using tracked changes and/or the comments feature.  

3)  Send the documents with your tracked changes/comments to Susan Russell-Smith  by Friday, October 13th. 

4) Provide additional feedback by completing the field comment questionnaire, an anonymous survey that allows you to provide general feedback about the standards.

Questions regarding the field comment process or the standards can be directed to Susan Russell-Smith, Standards Associate.  Thank you for your support and participation!

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