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Lutheran Social Services of New England is a high-performing nonprofit organization. LSS is a powerful difference maker and go-to resource, driving ourselves to constantly anticipate futures that are different from the past. For 140 years, LSS has been caring for people in need in New England.


Orange County Government, Youth & Family Services Division

Rodney J. Hrobar Sr., LMHC, CPP, Quality Assurance Manager

As the lead agency in Orange County, providing the safety net for children and families, it is reassuring that our clients can be confident that their needs will be addressed in accordance with the most stringent standards of public, as well as private, accountability as monitored and reviewed by the Council on Accreditation. 
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Your Input is Essential

COA’s Standards undergo review and comment by hundreds of professionals while they are posted on the COA website during a Field Comment period.  The feedback and commentary shared through draft standard reviews is essential to creating standards that reflect current trends, best practice principles and continuous quality improvement.   In addition, the input and guidance received provides the diverse perspectives necessary to develop rigorous yet practical standards.   

Please take a moment to review COA’s Standards currently undergoing field comment or note those that are upcoming to ensure you have the opportunity to share your invaluable perspective.  We look forward to receiving your feedback!

Current Field Comment

New Unaccompanied Children Services Standards for Private Organizations Available  
Deadline to Submit: Friday, August 10, 2018

Do you work with unaccompanied children? We want to hear from you! 

In an effort to promote the safety and well-being of children seeking legal permanency in the United States, COA has created a draft set of standards addressing services for unaccompanied children without legal status that is inclusive of residential placements, family reunification efforts and sponsorship, and post-release services. The Unaccompanied Children Services (UC) standards are intended for organizations providing temporary residential care and support to unaccompanied children, as well as organizations providing post-release services to children who have been released to sponsors. 

We welcome all stakeholders who have experience working with unaccompanied children to comment on the draft standards. The feedback collected during field comment will inform the evolution and directions of the standards. All of the input provided will be taken into consideration. Below are instructions on how to make your voice heard.

The standards will be open for field comment until Friday, August 10th, 2018. At that point we will begin incorporating your feedback into the final drafts of the standards. Recognition of your contribution will be listed on our website. 

There are a couple of ways you can send us feedback, but let’s start with getting you a draft of the standards, click here.

How to Submit Your Feedback:

  1. Comment directly on the draft using tracked changes, save the draft, and then email it to Isabelle Leventhal.
  2. Read through the draft and if you have a few overarching comments, then send them to email Isabelle Leventhal.
  3. Read through the standards and respond to this survey with prompts on specific areas I have questions about. 
  4. Or a variety of all 3! You decide! The only wrong way to give feedback is by giving none at all, so do whatever is easiest for you.

Questions regarding the field comment process or the standards can be directed to Isabelle Leventhal, Recognitions Associate at ileventhal@remove-this.coanet.org.

Thank you for your support and participation! 

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