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Catholic Charities alleviates human suffering and improves the quality of life of 100,000 people annually, regardless of religious background. A staff of 600 provides support and services related to housing, food, mental health, children's services, addiction treatment, and domestic violence services.


Jane Bonk, Ph.D., LCSW

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Dr. Jane Bonk is a team leader, evaluator, and commissioner who has led over 25 site visits for COA.
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Respite Care reduces caregiver stress, promotes the well-being and safety of care recipients, and contributes to stable families.

PA-RC 9: Short Term Residential Respite and Crisis Nursery Services

Facilities and services are designed to meet the needs of care recipients that require a short term stay in a residential respite or crisis nursery program.

Note: Please see Facility Observation Checklist - Private, Public, Canadian for additional assistance with this standard.

NA The agency does not provide residential respite or crisis nursery services.

Rating Indicators
Full Implementation, Outstanding Performance
A rating of (1) indicates that the agency's practices fully meet the standard and reflect a high level of capacity.  
  • All elements or requirements outlined in the standard are evident in practice, with rare or no exceptions; exceptions do not impact service quality or agency performance. 
Substantial Implementation, Good Performance
A rating of (2) indicates that an agency's infrastructure and practices are basically sound but there is room for improvement. 
  • The majority of the standards requirements have been met and the basic framework required by the standard has been implemented.  
  • Minor inconsistencies and not yet fully developed practices are noted; however, these do not significantly impact service quality or agency performance.  
Partial Implementation, Concerning Performance
A rating of (3) indicates that the agency's observed infrastructure and/or practices require significant improvement.  
  • The agency has not implemented the basic framework of the standard but instead has in place only part of this framework.   
  • Omissions or exceptions to the practices outlined in the standard occur regularly, or practices are implemented in a cursory or haphazard manner. 
  • Service quality or agency functioning may be compromised.   
  • Capacity is at a basic level.
Unsatisfactory Implementation or Performance
A rating of (4) indicates that implementation of the standard is minimal or there is no evidence of implementation at all.  
  • The agency’s observed service delivery infrastructure and practices are weak or non-existent; or show signs of neglect, stagnation, or deterioration.  
Please see Rating Guidance for additional rating examples. 

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Rules and behavioral expectations
    • Schedule of social and recreational activities
    • Interview:
      1. Program director
      2. Relevant personnel
      3. Residents
    • Review case records
    • Observe facility

  • PA-RC 9.01

    Program personnel provide care recipients with predictability and structure by establishing daily routines and rules developed with care recipients and their caregivers.

  • PA-RC 9.02

    Care recipients are offered an organized daily program of age and developmentally appropriate social, recreational, educational, and therapeutic activities.

    Interpretation:The agency and the caregiver plan for continuation of educational services for children and youth, and the agency coordinates educational services with relevant school districts.

  • PA-RC 9.03

    Facilities include:

    1. sufficient supplies and equipment to meet the needs of care recipients;
    2. space and equipment for housekeeping, laundry, maintenance, and storage;
    3. rooms for providing on-site services, as applicable;
    4. at least one room suitably furnished for the use of on-duty personnel and space for administrative support functions; and
    5. private sleeping accommodations for personnel who sleep at the facility, if applicable.

  • PA-RC 9.04

    The facility accommodates informal gatherings of care recipients, including places to gather in inclement weather.

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