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As one of the largest family services agencies in the country, Child & Family Services has dedicated its resources to meet the needs of the community since 1873.


Jane Bonk, Ph.D., LCSW

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Dr. Jane Bonk is a team leader, evaluator, and commissioner who has led over 25 site visits for COA.
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Juvenile Justice Case Management Services coordinate the services and supervision that can help youth address problems and develop the attitudes and skills needed to make responsible choices, avoid negative behaviors, and become productive, connected, and law-abiding members of their communities.

PA-JJCM 8: Personnel

Personnel have the training, skills, and experience needed to help youth access services, overcome problems, and become productive, connected, and law-abiding citizens.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Program staffing chart that includes lines of supervision
    • List of program personnel that includes:
      1. name;
      2. title;
      3. degree held and/or other credentials;
      4. FTE or volunteer;
      5. length of service at the agency;
      6. time in current position
    • Table of contents of training curricula
    • Caseload size, per worker, for the past six months
    • Procedures or criteria used to assign and evaluate caseloads and workloads
    • Training curricula
    • Documentation of training
    • Job descriptions
    • Documentation of workload assessment
    • Interview:
      1. Supervisors
      2. Personnel
    • Review personnel files

  • PA-JJCM 8.01

    Personnel are competent in:

    1. understanding youth development;
    2. communicating respectfully and effectively with youth;
    3. understanding youths’ rights and responsibilities;
    4. assessing risks and safety;
    5. recognizing and responding to needs, including needs related to health, mental health, and substance use;
    6. conflict management, crisis intervention, and de-escalation techniques;
    7. appropriate disciplinary techniques;
    8. providing services in a culturally competent manner that considers gender, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, developmental level, disability, and other relevant characteristics; and
    9. collaborating with other providers.

    Interpretation: Competence can be demonstrated through a combination of education, training, and experience.

  • PA-JJCM 8.02

    Direct service personnel are qualified by a bachelor’s degree in a social or human service field, and experience working with youth.

  • PA-JJCM 8.03

    Employee workloads support the achievement of positive outcomes for youth, are regularly reviewed, and are based on an assessment of the following:

    1. the qualifications, competencies, and experience of personnel, including the level of supervision needed;
    2. case complexity and status, including the intensity of youths’ risks and needs;
    3. the work and time required to accomplish assigned tasks, including those associated with individual caseloads and other job responsibilities;
    4. whether youth receive services from multiple team members or professionals, including collaborating service providers; and
    5. service volume.

    Interpretation: Caseloads should be sufficiently small to permit personnel to respond to youths’ risks and needs and provide the level of supervision required, as referenced in PA-JJCM 6.01. Caseloads should generally not exceed 12 to 15 youth for high-intensity cases, 35 youth for medium-intensity cases, and 40 to 50 youth for low-intensity cases. New personnel should not carry independent caseloads prior to the completion of training.

  • PA-JJCM 8.04

    Supervisors are qualified by:

    1. an advanced degree in a social or human service field; or
    2. a bachelor’s degree in a social or human service field and at least two years’ experience working with youth.
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