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Lutheran Social Services of New England is a high-performing nonprofit organization. LSS is a powerful difference maker and go-to resource, driving ourselves to constantly anticipate futures that are different from the past. For 140 years, LSS has been caring for people in need in New England.


Ulysses Arteaga, L.C.S.W.

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; EPPA; Marine Reviewer; Military Reviewer; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

The Consuelo Foundation 2012 Peer Reviewer of the Year, Mr. Arteaga conducts two to three site visits a year, often volunteering for visits that require a Spanish speaking peer.
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Group Living Services allow individuals who need additional support to regain, maintain, and improve life skills and functioning in a safe, stable, community-based living arrangement.

PA-GLS 7: Community and Social Connections

Residents cultivate and sustain connections with their community and social support network to promote positive well-being.

Note: Programs serving residents with developmental disabilities should refer to CR 4: The Rights of Persons with Developmental Disabilities.

NA The agency serves residents with developmental disabilities.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Procedures for facilitating social and community connections
    • Policy that prohibits exploitation of individuals in employment-related training or gainful employment
No On-Site Evidence
    • Interview:
      1. Direct service personnel
      2. Residents
    • Review case records
    • Observe a variety of activities

  • PA-GLS 7.01

    The agency facilitates residents’ ability to access all available services and successfully reintegrate into their community by:
    1. remaining knowledgeable about local, regional, and state resources, including networking and leadership opportunities;
    2. educating the community about the assets and needs of individuals receiving support to attain self-sufficiency; and
    3. identifying and developing opportunities for residents to develop positive ties to the community based on mutual interests and abilities.

  • PA-GLS 7.02

    Social and community connections are encouraged by providing residents opportunities to participate in:
    1. social, recreational, educational, or vocational activities in their community;
    2. religious observances in the faith group or spirituality of choice; and
    3. family and neighborhood activities consistent with his or her ethnic and cultural heritage and tribal affiliation.

  • PA-GLS 7.03

    Residents are helped to develop social support networks and build healthy, meaningful relationships with caring individuals of their choosing.

    Interpretation: “Caring individuals” may include mentors, community members, friends, classmates, peers, siblings, cousins, grandparents, former foster parents, and extended family members.

  • PA-GLS 7.04

    Residents have opportunities to participate in group activities where they can meet, support, and share experiences with peers.

    Interpretation: Opportunities to participate in culturally and developmentally appropriate social, cultural, recreational, and religious or spiritual activities should be designed to expand the range of life experiences. 

  • PA-GLS 7.05

    The agency encourages social and community integration through the development of life skills necessary to:
    1. navigate the surrounding environment;
    2. obtain housing;
    3. pursue educational and occupational opportunities;
    4. manage finances;
    5. access community resources such as banks, employment agencies, government offices, and recreational and educational agencies;
    6. access public assistance;
    7. communicate effectively and resolve conflicts; 
    8. participate in recreational activities and/or hobbies; and
    9. prepare for discharge and family reintegration, independent living, or another less restrictive setting, if applicable.

    Note: This standard is applicable for all residents regardless of age. Agencies should tailor life skills training to meet the age and developmental level of the service population.

  • FP
    PA-GLS 7.06

    The agency evaluates residents for their ability to participate in athletic activities and obtains as necessary:
    1. a written, signed permission slip from the resident’s legal guardian;
    2. a medical records release; 
    3. a signed document from a qualified medical professional stating that the resident is physically capable of participating; or
    4. an adult waiver and release of liability.


    • Revised Standard - 03/15/17
      Standard was revised to only address athletic activities. 

    NA The agency does not offer athletic activities to residents

  • PA-GLS 7.07

    Policy prohibits exploitation of residents in employment-related training or gainful employment.

    Interpretation: The agency should make reasonable efforts to match training and employment opportunities to the goals and interests of individual residents.

    NA The agency does not provide employment-related training or jobs to residents.

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