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Stillwater-based FamilyMeans provides services in budget and credit counseling, mental health, collaborative divorce, caregiver support, youth programming, and an employee assistance program. 


Audrey Coleman, RN-MSN

Volunteer Roles: Military Reviewer; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

My first experience with COA was in 1999 with what was a NC Area Program. I started as a peer reviewer in 2005, doing two to four site visits a year. I am also a team leader and have recently been approved to be a military reviewer.
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Clients who receive Financial Education and Counseling services learn to solve financial problems and gain personal financial management skills.

PA-FEC 11: Referrals and System Collaborations

Clients receive referrals to a network of community resources and service providers when additional services are needed.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Referral procedures
    • Referral directory
    • Interview:
      1. Program director
      2. Relevant personnel
      3. Clients
    • Review client files

  • PA-FEC 11.01

    The agency refers clients to services relevant to financial management and the resolution of credit problems using financial, legal, and self-help resources.

    Interpretation: The agency makes referrals to another service provider when clients request specific times, locations, services, or methods of service delivery (for example, telephone or Internet) that the agency is not able to provide or promptly provide. When the agency does not offer DMPs, it should provide information necessary for clients to seek out providers that can meet their needs.

    Interpretation: The agency must make referrals when the client’s assessment indicates that supplemental services are necessary. For instance, when clients indicate issues that cannot be addressed by a financial education and counseling service, such as mental health issues and/or substance, the agency should make referrals for evaluations in other social service areas.

    The agency also provides clients with access to information on mental health services, educational opportunities, economic security, transportation, housing, consumer protection, legal referral services, and other community supports through referrals and resource materials.

    Research NoteStudies have shown that individuals experiencing a financial crisis, including foreclosure and eviction, are more likely to experience high levels of stress, poor physical health, depression, anxiety, and be at risk for suicide. When identified, these individuals should be referred to appropriate crisis and support services. 

  • PA-FEC 11.02

    The agency develops a comprehensive network of referral sources and provides the names of multiple resources, when available.

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