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Children's Foundation of Mid America

James W. Thurman, President/CEO

Children’s Foundation of Mid America has been accredited through COA since 1983. The process of accreditation ensures that we meet or exceed the highest standards in the industry.
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Child and Family Services promote child and family well-being, protect children’s safety, stablilize and strengthen families, and ensure permanency.

PA-CFS 32: Case Closing and Aftercare

The agency works with children and families to plan for case closing and develop aftercare plans. 

Note: Please note that this core concept applies regardless of permanency outcome – in preparing for case closing the agency is expected to work with families who received in-home services, reunified families, adoptive families, families with permanent legal guardianship, youth transitioning to independence, and birth parents who will not be reunited with their children. Please also note that the aftercare plans described in this core concept may overlap with the plans for support and services described in PA-CFS 21: “Family Reunification,” PA-CFS 22: “Transition to Adulthood,” and PA-CFS 29: “Supporting and Maintaining Adoptions and Guardianships.” 

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Procedures for:
      1. Case closing
      2. Aftercare planning and follow-up
    • Materials on community resources provided to children and families
No On-Site Evidence
    • Interview:
      1. Agency leadership
      2. Relevant personnel
      3. Children and families 
    • Review case records 

  • PA-CFS 32.01

    Planning for case closing: 

    1. is clearly defined and includes assignment of personnel responsibility; 
    2. begins at intake; 
    3. involves children, families, resource families, and others, as appropriate; and
    4. includes collaboration with the court to ensure that jurisdiction is terminated before the case is closed, when necessary.

    Interpretation: When planning for case closing the agency should ideally employ a family teaming model and encourage families to involve supportive people of their choice, such as extended family, friends, community members, and service providers, including both previously involved providers and providers who will work with families in the future.

  • PA-CFS 32.02

    Upon case closing, the agency notifies any collaborating service providers, including tribal governments, as appropriate.

  • PA-CFS 32.03

    When children have remained or been reunified with their families, the case closing process includes discussion with the family about the successful changes in behaviors and conditions that reduced risk to the child, and strategies for maintaining those changes.

  • PA-CFS 32.04

    The agency develops aftercare plans with children and families, sufficiently in advance of case closing, that specify options for meeting the families’ needs for supports and services, and the steps to meeting those needs.

    Interpretation: The agency should develop plans in collaboration with children and families, explore suitable resources, and take the initiative to make contact with service providers with families or on behalf of families if they would benefit from this assistance. When the case involves an American Indian/Alaska Native child, resources available through the tribe or local American Indian/Alaska Native agency should be considered when developing the aftercare plan. The plan should also include contact information for a resource that can be accessed in case of crisis.

    Note: When a case is closed because an adoption or guardianship has been finalized the specifics of aftercare planning will be covered by PA-CFS 29, and when a youth ages out of care without having achieved legal permanency additional details regarding transition planning will be covered by PA-CFS 22.07 and 22.08. Similarly, when children have been reunified with their families the aftercare plans referenced in this standard will likely be extensions of the plans for support and services described in PA-CFS 21. When cases are closed following the provision of in-home services, without children ever being separated from their families, aftercare planning will be entirely covered by this core concept standard. 

  • PA-CFS 32.05

    The agency follows up on aftercare plans, as appropriate, when possible, and with the permission of children and families.

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