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White's Residential & Family Services is Indiana's largest social services agency offering accredited and comprehensive residential, foster care, independent living, adoption, and home-based services.


Catholic Charities, Diocese of Covington

Wm. R. (Bill) Jones, ACSW, MDiv, Chief Executive Officer

Catholic Charities in Covington has been COA accredited since 1996. Though the time spent in completing the self study and hosting the site visit can sometimes feel sometimes daunting, the rewards far outweigh the effort. In our agency, the self-study is a group process that involves every member of the staff from the CEO to the building maintenance staff.
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Child and Family Services promote child and family well-being, protect children’s safety, stablilize and strengthen families, and ensure permanency.

PA-CFS 30: Administrative Practices for Adoption Services

Administrative practices pertaining to adoptions are ethical and professional, and respect the rights of all parties involved in the adoption. 

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Policy regarding fees
    • Procedures for: 
      1. Fees
      2. Releasing information
    • Fee scale
No On-Site Evidence
    • Interview:
      1. Agency leadership
      2. Relevant personnel
      3. Adoptive parents
    • Review adoptive parent records
    • Review financial records of fees paid by adoptive parents

  • PA-CFS 30.01

    Fees are fair, reasonable, and based on costs associated with service delivery, and adoptive parents are only charged for services provided.

    NA The agency does not charge fees for adoption services.

  • PA-CFS 30.02

    When reviewing and approving the agency’s adoption fee policy, consideration is given to ethical issues associated with charging adoption fees, including: 

    1. the influence fees can have on decision-making about child relinquishment and matching; and 
    2. the psychological impact fees can have on birth parents, adoptive parents, and adopted individuals. 

    NA The agency does not charge fees for adoption services.

  • PA-CFS 30.03

    The agency, its personnel, and independent contractors do not accept or provide financial or other consideration beyond reimbursement for services.

    Interpretation: The agency must demonstrate thoughtfully developed, fully implemented policies that ensure that professional decision-making is separate from financial considerations, and that all actions have a sound ethical and professional basis. Prospective adoptive parents interested in making donations can be advised to do so after the adoption has been finalized.

  • PA-CFS 30.04

    All releases of identifying information about adopted persons, birth parents, and adoptive families are in accordance with individual preferences and applicable regulation. 

    Interpretation: In cases where an individual waives confidentiality, informed consent is obtained in the form of a notarized affidavit before any contact or exchange of identifying information occurs. 

  • PA-CFS 30.05

    When the agency discontinues adoption services for prospective adoptive parents prior to placement, a written reason is provided within five working days of the date services ended, and efforts are made to link the prospective adoptive parents with appropriate services.

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