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Sweetser, a Maine non-profit agency operating since 1828, provides comprehensive mental and behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services. Statewide, it serves around 15,000 consumers a year, including children, adults, and families in outpatient, office-based, and residential settings.


Barry Gourley

Volunteer Roles: Endorser; Peer Reviewer

It is an honor to be a COA volunteer. I’ve had a great opportunity to work with fabulous COA volunteers, I’ve grown professionally in the COA accreditation process and I’ve met some wonderful people across this nation who are working hard to help and support children and families.
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Families participating in Child and Family Development and Support Services delivered through strong community partnerships gain new competencies, improve child health and well-being, improve family functioning, and make family-community connections.

PA-CFD 12: Positive Child Development Services

Children receive services that meet their needs, promote their growth and development, and increase their well-being.

NA The program model is not designed to provide positive child development services.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • A description of services
    • Procedures for linking individuals to services and providing ongoing monitoring and follow-up
    • Intervention curricula and/or materials, if applicable
    • Interview:
      1. Program director
      2. Relevant personnel
      3. Individuals served
    • Review case records

  • PA-CFD 12.01

    Children are connected to supports, services, and activities that promote their physical, cognitive, social, and emotional development, including, as appropriate:

    1. educational services;
    2. counseling and therapeutic services;
    3. health services; and
    4. social, recreational, and physical activities.

  • PA-CFD 12.02

    Child and family characteristics, such as age, developmental level, race, culture, ethnicity, and language, are considered when choosing or designing program interventions, materials, and curricula.

    NA The agency does not directly provide child development services, but instead connects children to services offered by other community providers.

  • PA-CFD 12.03

    Parents are involved in service delivery, and providers help them increase their ability to interact positively with their children and promote child well-being.

    NA The agency does not directly provide child development services, but instead connects children to services offered by other community providers.

  • FP
    PA-CFD 12.04

    When assessment reveals the need for early intervention services, the agency either directly provides those services, or links the family with another agency or organization that provides those services.

    Note: See Research Note to PA-CFD 13 for more information about the definition and purpose of early intervention services.

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