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Germaine Lawrence is a residential treatment center for girls ages 12-18 with complex behavioral, psychological and learning challenges.   Girls live at our programs while receiving special education, individual, family and group therapy; psychiatric and primary medical care; and a wide variety of therapeutic activities and interventions.


Advantage Credit Counseling Service

Mary Loftus, VP, Agency Service

Our agency is preparing for reaccreditation under the Eighth Edition Standards. The COA site is well organized and very easy to use. Our team of employees working on the reaccreditation process has found the tools index to be very helpful, particularly some of the templates.
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The agency’s behavior support and management policies and practices promote positive behavior and protect the safety of service recipients and staff.

PA-BSM 4: Restrictive Behavior Management Intervention Training

Personnel who use restrictive behavior management interventions, and foster parents who use manual restraint, are trained and evaluated on an annual basis.

Interpretation: COA recommends that agencies evaluate training programs and models to select a comprehensive and safe curriculum for use with personnel, foster parents, and service recipients.

NA The agency prohibits the use of restrictive behavior management interventions.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    County/Municipality Administered Agency, State Administered Agency (Central Office), or other Public Entity
    • Table of contents for personnel and foster parent restrictive behavior management training curriculum(s)
    State Administered Agency (Regional Office)
    • No Self-Study Evidence
    All Agencies
    • Training curriculum that addresses PA-BSM 4.01 and PA-BSM 4.02
    • Documentation of restrictive behavior management training provided
    All Agencies
    • Interview:
      1. Clinical or program directors
      2. Supervisors
      3. Relevant personnel
      4. Foster parents required to participate in restrictive behavior management training

  • FP
    PA-BSM 4.01

    Personnel designated to use restrictive behavior management interventions, and foster parents who use manual restraint, receive annual training on permitted interventions, including:

    1. when it is appropriate to use a restrictive intervention;
    2. proper and safe use of interventions, including time limits for use;
    3. understanding the experience of being placed in seclusion or a restraint;
    4. signs of distress;
    5. response techniques to prevent and reduce injury; and
    6. negative effects that can result from misuse of restrictive interventions.

  • FP
    PA-BSM 4.02

    Annual training for personnel authorized to conduct assessment and evaluation of individuals undergoing a restrictive behavior management intervention covers recognizing and assessing:

    1. physical and mental status, including signs of physical distress;
    2. nutritional and hydration needs;
    3. readiness to discontinue use of the intervention; and
    4. when medical or other emergency personnel are needed.

  • FP
    PA-BSM 4.03

    Personnel and foster parents who receive training on restrictive behavior management interventions receive a post-test and are observed in practice to ensure competency.

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