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Jane Bonk, Ph.D., LCSW

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Dr. Jane Bonk is a team leader, evaluator, and commissioner who has led over 25 site visits for COA.
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OC 96.54: Placement standards in outgoing Convention cases

Placement Standards in Outgoing Convention Cases

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • Policy regarding reasonable efforts 96.54 (a)
  • Procedure for disseminating information about the child, including procedures for posing information on state and national registries 96.54 (a)
  • Adoptive parent recruitment procedures 96.54 (a)
  • Policy regarding reasonable efforts 96.54 (b)
  • Placement procedures 96.54 (c), 96.54 (e), 96.54 (f)
  • Policy regarding legal counsel for birth parents 96.54 (d)
  • Procedures for child transfers 96.54 (h)
  • Policy and procedure for returning a child to country of origin 96.54 (k)
  • Review relevant state legal requirements, as necessary 96.54 (d)

    Information about available community resources 96.54 (g)
  • Interview:
    1. CEO 96.54 (a), 96.54 (g), 96.54 (k)
    2. Supervisors 96.54 (a), 96.54 (c), 96.54 (d), 96.54 (e), 96.54 (f), 96.54 (k)
    3. Program employee 96.54 (a)
    4. Clients 96.54 (a), 96.54 (c), 96.54 (e)
    5. Personnel 96.54 (c), 96.54 (d), 96.54 (e), 96.54 (f), 96.54 (g), 96.54 (h)
  • Review case records 96.54 (a), 96.54 (b), 96.54 (d), 96.54 (i), 96.54 (j)

  • C
    OC 96.54.a

    Except in the case of adoption by relatives or in the case in which the birth parent(s) have identified specific prospective adoptive parent(s) or in other special circumstances accepted by the State court with jurisdiction over the case, the agency or person makes reasonable efforts to find a timely adoptive placement for the child in the United States by:

    (1) disseminating information on the child and his or her availability for adoption through print, media, and internet resources designed to communicate with potential prospective adoptive parent(s) in the United States;

    (2) listing information about the child on a national or State adoption exchange or registry for at least sixty calendar days after the birth of the child;

    (3) responding to inquiries about adoption of the child; and

    (4) providing a copy of the child background study to potential U.S. prospective adoptive parent(s).

  • C
    OC 96.54.b

    The agency or person demonstrates to the satisfaction of the State court with jurisdiction over the adoption that sufficient reasonable efforts (including no efforts, when in the best interests of the child) to find a timely and qualified adoptive placement for the child in the United States were made.

  • C
    OC 96.54.c

    In placing the child for adoption, the agency or person:

    (1) to the extent consistent with State law, gives significant weight to the placement preferences expressed by the birth parent(s) in all voluntary placements;

    (2) to the extent consistent with State law, makes diligent efforts to place siblings together for adoption and, where placement together is not possible, to arrange for contact between separated siblings, unless it is in the best interests of one of the siblings that such efforts or contact not take place; and

    (3) complies with all applicable requirements of the Indian Child Welfare Act.

  • C
    OC 96.54.d

    The agency or person complies with any State law requirements pertaining to the provision and payment of independent legal counsel for birth parents. If State law requires full disclosure to the birth parent(s) that the child is to be adopted by parent(s) who reside outside the United States, the agency or person provides such disclosure.

  • F
    OC 96.54.e

    The agency or person takes all appropriate measures to give due consideration to the child’s upbringing and to his or her ethnic, religious, and cultural background.

  • C
    OC 96.54.f

    When particular prospective adoptive parent(s) in a Convention country have been identified, the agency or person takes all appropriate measures to determine whether the envisaged placement is in the best interests of the child, on the basis of the child background study and the home study on the prospective adoptive parent(s).

  • F
    OC 96.54.g

    The agency or person thoroughly prepares the child for the transition to the Convention country, using age-appropriate services that address the child’s likely feelings of separation, grief, and loss and difficulties in making any cultural, religious, racial, ethnic, or linguistic adjustment.

  • C
    OC 96.54.h

    The agency or person takes all appropriate measures to ensure that the transfer of the child takes place in secure and appropriate circumstances, with properly trained and qualified escorts, if used, and, if possible, in the company of the adoptive parent(s) or the prospective adoptive parent(s);

  • F
    OC 96.54.i

    Before the placement for adoption proceeds, the agency or person identifies the entity in the receiving country that will provide post-placement supervision and reports, if required by State law, and ensures that the child’s adoption record contains the information necessary for contacting that entity.

  • C
    OC 96.54.j

    The agency or person ensures that the child’s adoption record includes the order granting the adoption or legal custody for the purpose of adoption in the Convention country.

  • C
    OC 96.54.k

    The agency or person consults with the Secretary before arranging for the return to the United States of any child who has emigrated to a Convention country in connection with the child’s adoption.

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