Private Organization Accreditation

One Hope United offers a range of services aimed at our mission of "Protecting children and strengthening families" including early childhood education, early intervention and prevention, family preservation, foster care, residential, and adoption.


ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions

Tim Spearin, Vice President, Quality Assurance

ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions has been accredited by the Council on Accreditation (COA) since 1996.  Reaccreditation attests that a member organization continues to meet the highest national operating standards as set by the COA.  It also provides assurance that ClearPoint Credit Counseling Solutions is performing services which the community needs, conducting its operations and funds successfully.
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Network services are delivered to a defined population through an integrated network of providers with the goal of ensuring optimal access, quality of care, and consumer satisfaction.

NET 6: Screening and Intake

The network promptly and responsively screens applicants to identify and direct them to appropriate services.

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
    • Screening procedures
No On-Site Evidence
    • Interview:
      1. Clinical Management/Supervisors
      2. Provider Clinical Management/Supervisors and Independent practitioners
      3. Community stakeholders
      4. Persons served
    • Review:
      1. Client records
      2. Utilization management data/reports

  • NET 6.01

    Applicants are screened at intake and informed:

    1. whether they are eligible to receive network services; and
    2. what services will be available and when.

  • NET 6.02

    Individuals who cannot be served, or cannot be served promptly, are referred or connected to appropriate resources.

  • NET 6.03

    Prompt, responsive screening guidelines:

    1. ensure equitable treatment;
    2. give priority to urgent needs and emergency situations;
    3. support timely initiation of services; and
    4. provide for placement on a waiting list, if desired.
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