Private Organization Accreditation

Sweetser, a Maine non-profit agency operating since 1828, provides comprehensive mental and behavioral health and substance abuse treatment services. Statewide, it serves around 15,000 consumers a year, including children, adults, and families in outpatient, office-based, and residential settings.


Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children's Services

Galo A. Rodriguez, M.P.H., President & CEO

Since Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services pursued its COA accreditation on October 14, 2004, this corporation has sustained a continuous quality improvement process by not looking whom to blame among the involved parties but improving what we have already done well… because good enough is not good enough.
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Network services are delivered to a defined population through an integrated network of providers with the goal of ensuring optimal access, quality of care, and consumer satisfaction.


COA’s Network Administration standards apply to network management entities (NME) and address core administrative practices that contribute to the effective management and coordination of an integrated network of service providers.

There are many types of networks and any number of ways that a network can be organized. It could be said that every service-provider network is unique. This is due to many factors that can include: the needs and demographics of the population being served; the availability--both geographically and numerically--of qualified providers and provider organizations; whether the network was formed in response to a legislative or regulatory mandate or was formed voluntarily; its mission and mandates; whether it was formed to realize administrative efficiencies, create a system of care, or compete for managed care contracts; and others.

In all cases, high-functioning service networks provide individuals and families with services that are appropriate to their needs and are provided in a timely manner by qualified providers.

Interpretation: Networks generally are in business to ensure and manage the quality of services provided to covered persons and families.

NA The organization is not a network management entity.