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Heartland for Children is the not-for-profit agency responsible for the foster care system in Polk, Highlands, and Hardee Counties.


Anita Paukovits

Volunteer Roles: Peer Reviewer

Being a COA peer reviewer has clearly played a role in my professional development and has made me a better administrator at my own agency as a result!  To be part of a professional network that is on the cutting edge of program, practice, fiscal responsibility, and insuring Best Practice across the field is an amazing opportunity.
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Customers acquire the tools and resources needed to effectively navigate the military lifestyle, improve individual and family functioning, and promote positive adjustment and military family readiness. 


Military Lifestyle Support and Education services are prevention-focused, educational and supportive services designed to assist Service members and their families with managing the stresses of daily living within the context of the military lifestyle. Services focus on topics and concerns that impact military family readiness including overall family functioning, relocation, deployment, and military separation and are provided using an array of service modalities including automated systems, information and referral, educational briefings and support groups, and one-on-one consultation. 

Note: The MIL-MLSE standards were revised in June 2017 to reflect current practice. For more information please see the MIL-MLSE Update Summary

Note: Military Lifestyle Support and Education services must be made available to all eligible Service members and their families, either directly or by referral, and include:
  1. relocation assistance; 
  2. deployment assistance; 
  3. employment assistance; 
  4. personal and family life education; 
  5. transition assistance; and 
  6. information and referral. 
Some Military Lifestyle Support and Education services are made available through referral to outside providers. In situations where relocation assistance, transition assistance, employment assistance, or personal and family life Education are not provided directly by the MFR program, an NA or “not applicable” is available in the standards.

Note: Please see MIL-MLSE Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.

Military Lifestyle Support and Education Narrative

Self-Study Evidence
    • Provide an overview of the different programs being accredited under this section, include in your description:
      1. relocation assistance; 
      2. deployment assistance; 
      3. employment assistance;
      4. personal and family life education; 
      5. transition assistance; and 
      6. information and referral. (MIL-MLSE 3.01, MIL-MLSE 3.03, MIL-MLSE 3.04, MIL-MLSE 4.01, MIL-MLSE 4.02, MIL-MLSE 5.01, MIL-MLSE 5.02, MIL-MLSE 5.03, MIL-MLSE 5.04, MIL-MLSE 5.05, MIL-MLSE 6.01, MIL-MLSE 6.02, MIL-MLSE 6.03, MIL-MLSE 6.04, MIL-MLSE 6.05, MIL-MLSE 7.05, MIL-MLSE 7.06, MIL-MLSE 7.07, MIL-MLSE 7.08, MIL-MLSE 8.01, MIL-MLSE 8.02, MIL-MLSE 8.03)
    • If elements of the standards (e.g. deployment briefings) are implemented through participation in a formal, coordinated service delivery system, provide a list that identifies the providers (e.g. YRRP) and the service components for which they are responsible.
    • Provide any other information you would like the Peer Review Team to know about these programs.
    • As applicable, a list of activities or classes including, for each activity or class:
      1. the type of activity/class;
      2. whether the activity/class is short-term or ongoing;
      3. how often the activity/class is offered;
      4. the average number of participants per session of the activity/class, in the last month; and
      5. the total number of participants in the activity/class, in the last month
    • A list of any programs that were opened, merged with other programs or services, or closed
    • A list or description of MIL-MLSE outcomes and outputs being measured
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