Private Organization Accreditation

White's Residential & Family Services is Indiana's largest social services agency offering accredited and comprehensive residential, foster care, independent living, adoption, and home-based services.


Ulysses Arteaga, L.C.S.W.

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; EPPA; Marine Reviewer; Military Reviewer; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

The Consuelo Foundation 2012 Peer Reviewer of the Year, Mr. Arteaga conducts two to three site visits a year, often volunteering for visits that require a Spanish speaking peer.
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Through sound administration and effective management, the MFR program achieves its vision, mission and strategic goals; assures appropriate use of resources for the good of customers; and remains responsive to the needs of the military community.


The Administration and Management standards outline the responsibilties of MFR program leadership to foster a culture of transparency, accountability, and responsiveness to the military community; provide oversight of operations; and promote MFR program and operational improvements. The responsibilities set forth in the standards represent the multi-faceted functions that leadership assumes to ensure effective delivery of quality services.


  • Revised Standard - 07/28/17
    MIL-AM and MIL-RPM were combined and updated.

Note: MIL-AM and MIL-RPM were combined and updated in June 2017 to reflect current practice. For more information please refer to the MIL-AM Update Summary

Note: Please see MIL-AM Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.

Administration and Management Narrative

Self-Study Evidence
    • Describe 2-3 examples of how the MFR program responded to risks identified by the risk prevention and management review processes. Please describe the steps, the decision-making process, and actions taken to bring the issue to resolution. (MIL-AM 1.02)
    • Describe two or three examples of how the MFR program services have been adapted in the past four years in response to the changing needs of custom