Private Organization Accreditation

Lutheran Social Services of New England is a high-performing nonprofit organization. LSS is a powerful difference maker and go-to resource, driving ourselves to constantly anticipate futures that are different from the past. For 140 years, LSS has been caring for people in need in New England.


The Village for Families & Children, Inc.

Galo A. Rodriguez, M.P.H., President & CEO

COA Peer Reviewers demonstrated their expertise through their knowledge of COA standards as well as experience in the behavioral health field. In addition, COA’s seminars and tools were very helpful in guiding us through the accreditation process.
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LCG 96.30: State Licensing

State Licensing

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • Copies of licenses or other authorization to provide adoption services 96.30 (a), 96.30 (d)
  • Copies of licensing review reports 96.30 (b)
  • Proof that supervised providers are licensed or authorized by State law to provide adoption services in the provider’s State of operation 96.30 (c)
  • Interview:
    1. Governing Body Chair 96.30 (b)
    2. CEO 96.30 (b)
    3. State Licensing officials, as necessary 96.30 (b)
    4. Persons responsible for management of agreements 96.30 (c)
    5. Collaborating providers, as necessary 96.30 (c)
    6. Adoption Service Provider 96.30 (d)
    7. State Licensing officials or other officials, as necessary 96.30 (d)

  • M
    LCG 96.30.a

    The agency or person is properly licensed or otherwise authorized by State law to provide adoption services in at least one State.

  • M
    LCG 96.30.b

    The agency or person follows applicable State licensing and regulatory requirements in all jurisdictions in which it provides adoption services.

  • M
    LCG 96.30.c

    If it provides adoption services in a State in which it is not itself licensed or authorized to provide such services, the agency or person does so only:

    (1) through agencies or persons that are licensed or authorized by State law to provide adoption services in that State and that are exempted providers or acting as supervised providers; or

    (2) through public domestic authorities.

  • M
    LCG 96.30.d

    In the case of a person, the individual or for-profit entity is not prohibited by State law from providing adoption services in any State where it is providing adoption services, and does not provide adoption services in foreign countries that prohibit individuals or for-profit entities from providing adoption services.