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CSS Healthcare Services provides Community based health services to the young, the elderly and to Individuals with Developmental Disability. Founded in 1997, we have the ability to offer a variety of quality community-based services to our clients, which has greatly contributed to our growth and success.


Orange County Government, Youth & Family Services Division

Rodney J. Hrobar Sr., LMHC, CPP, Quality Assurance Manager

As the lead agency in Orange County, providing the safety net for children and families, it is reassuring that our clients can be confident that their needs will be addressed in accordance with the most stringent standards of public, as well as private, accountability as monitored and reviewed by the Council on Accreditation. 
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IC 96.51: Post-adoption services in incoming cases

Post-Adoption Services in Incoming Cases

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • A description of the process of procedures for child transfers 96.51 (a)
  • Adoption Services Contract 96.51 (b), 96.51 (c)
  • Policy and procedure for returning a child to country of origin 96.51 (d)
  • List of all cases with missing post-adoption reports by country of origin 96.51 (c)
  • Interview:
    1. Personnel 96.51 (a), 96.51 (b), 96.51 (c)
    2. Supervisors 96.51 (c), 96.51 (d)
    3. CEO 96.51 (d)
    4. Clients 96.51 (d)
  • Review case records 96.51 (b), 96.51 (c)
  • Review dissolved adoption case records 96.51 (d)

  • F
    IC 96.51.a

    The agency or person takes all appropriate measures to ensure that the transfer of the child takes place in secure and appropriate circumstances, with properly trained and qualified escorts, if used, and, if possible, in the company of the adoptive parent(s).

  • F
    IC 96.51.b

    The agency or person informs the prospective adoptive parent(s) in the adoption services contract whether the agency or person will or will not provide any post-adoption services. The agency or person also informs the prospective adoptive parent(s) in the adoption services contract whether it will provide services if an adoption is dissolved, and, if it indicates it will, it provides a plan describing the agency’s or person’s responsibilities.

  • F
    IC 96.51.c

    When post-adoption reports are required by the child’s country of origin, the agency or person includes a requirement for such reports in the adoption services contract and makes good-faith efforts to encourage adoptive parent(s) to provide such reports.

  • C
    IC 96.51.d

    The agency or person does not return from the United States an adopted child whose adoption has been dissolved unless the Central Authority of the country of origin and the Secretary have approved the return in writing.

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