Private Organization Accreditation

One Hope United offers a range of services aimed at our mission of "Protecting children and strengthening families" including early childhood education, early intervention and prevention, family preservation, foster care, residential, and adoption.


Holy Family Institute

Sister Linda Yankoski, President/CEO

The Council On Accreditation provides all stakeholders involved in the delivery of social services the assurance that the organization is credible, effective, and is committed to quality improvement. The COA process is an important tool for anyone involved in leading an organization to establish best practices and maintaining and updating these practices over time.
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Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • A narrative describing which states the agency/person conducts homestudies and information about the relevant laws and regulations 96.47 (a)
  • Home study preparation procedures 96.47 (a), 96.47 (b), 96.47 (d)
  • Procedures for reviewing and approving home studies 96.47 (c)
  • Checklist, tool, or other documentation used in the review and approval of homestudies 96.47 (c)
  • Review applicable state law, as necessary 96.47 (b)
  • Interview:
    1. Supervisors 96.47 (a), 96.47 (b), 96.47 (c), 96.47 (d)
    2. Employees who conduct homestudies 96.47 (a)
    3. Employees 96.47 (b), 96.47 (d)
    4. Relevant employees 96.47 (c)
  • Review case records 96.47 (a), 96.47 (c)
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