Private Organization Accreditation

CSS Healthcare Services provides Community based health services to the young, the elderly and to Individuals with Developmental Disability. Founded in 1997, we have the ability to offer a variety of quality community-based services to our clients, which has greatly contributed to our growth and success.


Audrey Coleman, RN-MSN

Volunteer Roles: Military Reviewer; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

My first experience with COA was in 1999 with what was a NC Area Program. I started as a peer reviewer in 2005, doing two to four site visits a year. I am also a team leader and have recently been approved to be a military reviewer.
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The nonprofit organization’s financial accountability and viability are achieved through the application of sound financial management practices that accord with legal and regulatory requirements.


Sound financial management begins with an organization’s commitment to providing high quality services relative to its mission or purpose. Leadership creates a culture of honesty and ethics in all areas of organizational practice, including the management of the organization’s finances and the manner in which it conducts financial affairs. Accountability is established through clearly defined lines of authority and responsibility, and personnel receive a clear message from the top that internal control responsibilities are to be taken seriously. Additionally, the attention and commitment of the governing body and its audit committee to their fiduciary responsibilities are essential to ensuring that the organization’s financial practices enable it to achieve operational effectiveness and efficiency, accurate and reliable financial reporting, and compliance with applicable laws and regulations.

Note: Please see FIN Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.

Note: COA’s Financial Management standards do not apply to for-profit organizations. For-profit organizations see COA’s Administration and Financial Management (AFM) standards.

Financial Management Narrative

Self-Study Evidence
    • Describe the overall health of your organization's finances:
      1. Have you experienced any significant budget/funding reductions or challenges in the last two years?  If yes, how has your organization adjusted in response to these challenges?
      2. Have you had any significant budget/funding increases in the last two years?
      3. Do you anticipate or expect significant funding changes in the next two years?
    • Describe 2-3 actions that your governing body and/or senior management has taken to enhance your organization's financial viability. E.g., In response to recent recommendations of the organization’s auditors, the board approved a plan to strengthen the organization's system of internal control.
    • Provide any additional information that would increase the Peer Team’s understanding of your organization’s financial practices.
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