Private Organization Accreditation

One Hope United offers a range of services aimed at our mission of "Protecting children and strengthening families" including early childhood education, early intervention and prevention, family preservation, foster care, residential, and adoption.


Jane Bonk, Ph.D., LCSW

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Dr. Jane Bonk is a team leader, evaluator, and commissioner who has led over 25 site visits for COA.
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EPR 96.36: Prohibition on Child Buying

Prohibition on Child Buying

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • A narrative describing safeguards to ensure that employees and agents do not provide payment for a child or as an inducement to release a child for adoption 96.36 (a)
  • Written policy and procedures prohibiting payment for a child or as inducement to release 96.36 (b)
  • Table of contents of employee training curricula 96.36 (b)
  • Review available complaint information, as necessary 96.36 (a)
  • Review financial records, as necessary 96.36 (a)
  • Review Training Curricula 96.36 (b)
  • Review training logs 96.36 (b)
  • Interview:
    1. CEO 96.36 (a)
    2. Personnel 96.36 (a)
    3. Adoptive parents 96.36 (a)
    4. Domestic and Foreign supervised providers, when necessary 96.36 (a)
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