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Stillwater-based FamilyMeans provides services in budget and credit counseling, mental health, collaborative divorce, caregiver support, youth programming, and an employee assistance program. 


Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children's Services

Galo A. Rodriguez, M.P.H., President & CEO

Since Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services pursued its COA accreditation on October 14, 2004, this corporation has sustained a continuous quality improvement process by not looking whom to blame among the involved parties but improving what we have already done well… because good enough is not good enough.
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Sound administration and management increase program quality and sustainability; promote financial accountability and viability; support transparency and openness; and reduce risk, loss, and liability exposure.


COA’s Child and Youth Development Program Administration standards address several areas relevant to effective program management and administration, including leadership; oversight; planning; ethical practice; financial management; risk prevention and management; and continuous quality improvement.  Implementing these standards supports a program’s ability to provide quality programming for children and youth. 

Note: When another person, department, or entity is responsible for implementing some of the practices addressed in these standards, the program should be prepared to provide evidence that this is the case.  For example, if a school principal or superintendent is responsible for the quarterly risk review addressed in CYD-AM 8.03, the program should provide documentation to demonstrate this. If the program implements policies or procedures (e.g., conflict of interest policies and procedures) that have been developed and adopted by another body (e.g., the school board, Military Service headquarters, or the governing body of the organization of which the program is a part), the program does not need to develop its own separate policies and procedures. Instead, it should provide evidence that it is implementing the policies and procedures it has been given to enforce.

Note: Please see the CYD-AM Reference List for a list of resources that informed the development of these standards.

Child and Youth Development Program Administration Narrative

Self-Study Evidence
    • Describe how your program works with the person or entity responsible for providing oversight to strengthen the program and its capacity to meet its mission.  Note: This question is not applicable to privately-held and owner-operated for-profits.
    • Identify your program’s major funding streams, and describe the overall health of your program's finances.  Include a description of significant budget/financial reductions or increases experienced in the last two to four years, as well as any actions taken to enhance the program’s financial viability.
    • Describe your program's overall approach to risk prevention and management.  Include 2-3 examples of your program’s response to identified risks. Please describe the steps, decision-making process, and actions taken to bring each issue to resolution.
    • Describe your program’s systems for maintaining information. Which systems, if any, are computerized and which are not (e.g., the financial management system, human resources)?
    • Describe how your program creates a culture that promotes excellence and continual improvement, and focuses on promoting satisfaction and positive outcomes.
    • How would your program describe its progress/status with implementing a continuous quality improvement system, and how do you know that the continuous quality improvement process is working?  Describe 2-3 examples of actions taken or improvements made in response to data/information generated by your continuous quality improvement efforts.  Include at least one example of an improvement related to operations/management and at least one example of an improvement related to program participants, program results/outcomes, or the quality of programming provided.
    • Provide any additional information that would increase the Endorsers’ understanding of how your program operates relative to these standards.
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