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Family Services of Southeast Texas strengthens families through accessible, affordable counseling services and education for issues affecting family life, mental health and employment.  We also provide comprehensive domestic violence shelter and support services.


Mike Angstadt

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Hague Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Serving as a Team Leader for COA has been an enriching experience in many ways. Utilizing the Contextual Accreditation process to discern the means in which agencies, offering a variety of services, located throughout the US, Canada ,the Philippines and other countries provide best and most promising practices to their consumers has been particularly rewarding. read more>>

CRR 96.41: Procedures for responding to complaints and improving service delivery

Procedures for Responding to Complaints and Improving Service Delivery

Table of Evidence

Self-Study Evidence On-Site Evidence On-Site Activities
  • Complaint policies and procedures 96.41 (a), 96.41 (b), 96.41 (c), 96.41 (d), 96.41 (e), 96.41 (f), 96.41 (g)
  • A narrative describing how the agency/ person ensures its employees do not discourage complaints or retaliate against complainants 96.41 (e)
  • Quality improvement program/system description 96.41 (h)
  • Complaint Records 96.41 (b), 96.41 (c), 96.41 (d), 96.41 (e), 96.41 (f), 96.41 (g)
  • Quality improvement documents (e.g., meeting minutes, aggregate data and reports) 96.41 (h)
  • Interview:
    1. Employee 96.41 (a), 96.41 (b), 96.41 (e)
    2. Clients 96.41 (a), 96.41 (b), 96.41 (e)
    3. Former clients 96.41 (e)
    4. CEO 96.41 (c)
    5. Supervisors 96.41 (c)
    6. Employee(s) responsible for complaints 96.41 (d)
    7. Employee(s) responsible for overseeing quality improvement 96.41 (h)
  • Review case records or other documentation verifying client receipt of complaint procedures 96.41 (a)
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