Conference Workshops

Monday, August 6: 11:00 AM – 12:30 PM

Workshops A

A1. Individuals Driven to Empower and Achieve Solutions (IDEA): A Look at ChildNet's IDEA System  
Does your agency have ongoing employee satisfaction concerns and high employee turnover? Is it common for your staff to feel that their ideas and concerns aren't being effectively addressed by senior staff? If so, you will benefit from an internal process developed by ChildNet, which employees play an active role in the creation and implementation of solutions to challenging issues that employees face. br />

Presenters: Andrea Chenet, MSW, Certified Case Worker, Certified Quality Assurance Reviewer, Lean Six Sigma Black Belt, Quality Advisor, ChildNet, Inc., Plantation, FL and Heather Raymond, BS Information Science, Lean Six Sigma Green Belt, MIS Project Manager, ChildNet, Inc., Plantation, FL

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A2. Bump Up and Beyond with School Agers

Enrichment continues through School Age and beyond. This workshop will address innovative approaches to Youth Programs of Year School Age programming.Participants will learn how to bump up low yield programming to a never ending learning experience by building on basic core area concepts. Presenters will draw from their experience of high and low yield programming at Lackland AFB Youth Programs and will provide examples of effective collaboration and quick hands on activities.

Presenters: Betty Ramirez, Youth Development Associates, School Age Program Lead, Lackland AFB Youth Programs, San Antonio, TX and Joanna Rios, BA of Family Life Studies, School Age Coordinator , Lackland AFB Youth Programs, San Antonio, TX

A3. Revolutionizing Practice for Maltreating Substance-Abusing Families: Partnership and Evidence

Come and learn from the successful collaboration between child welfare and substance abuse treatment providers from the state of Kentucky. This workshop will present an innovative model of intervention for parents with substance use disorders who abuse/neglect their children, and which uniquely combines timely, intensive, and coordinated service delivery among child welfare and substance abuse treatment providers. Presenters will explore intervention dynamics that have decreased the rate of children entering out-of-home care by 50% and doubled the rate of sobriety among parents.

Presenters: Vincent J. Geremia, MPA, RN, LCSW, Service Region Administrator, Kentucky Department for Community Based Services, Frankfort, KY; Ruth A. Huebner, PhD, Child Welfare Researcher, Kentucky Department for Community Based Services, Frankfort, KY; Tina M. Willauer, MPA, K-START Director, Kentucky Department for Community Based Services, Frankfort, KY

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A4. Better by Design: How Six Sigma Dramatically Reduces Operational Costs & Improves Clients' Quality of Service

Efficient processes, healthy morale, excellent service and client satisfaction are success indicators in either a business or social service environment. This interactive session explores how Ceridian Canada improved its employee assistance program's service delivery processes by leveraging facts, not intuition, resulting in significant cost-reductions and increased client and employee satisfaction.

Presenters: Cande Dandelé, Executive Vice President of HR Solutions, Ceridian Canada Ltd., LifeWorks Division, Markham, ON and Catherine Brewster, Director of Operations, Ceridian Canada Ltd., LifeWorks Division, Markham, ON

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A5. Implementing and Evaluating Large-Scale Child Welfare Casework Practice Models in COA and non-COA Contexts

This workshop will bring together leaders from several states and jurisdictions where Solution Based Casework (SBC) is being implemented. A brief overview of SBC’s main tenets will be provided and presenters will share their experiences with implementing this evidence based casework management model in child welfare.

Presenter: Dana N. Christensen, PhD, Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; Anita Barbee, PhD, Professor, University of Louisville, Louisville, KY; Jess Dannhauser, President, Graham Windham, New York, NY; Simon Pipkin, MSSW, Former Lead Practice Model Coach for SBC Implementation, Washington State Children's Administration, Olympia, WA

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A6. Developing an Organizational Code of Ethics: Purpose, Process, and Product

Ethics leadership is an essential component in contemporary human service settings. This workshop will focus on the development and implementation of codes of ethics that are unique to an organization or network, appropriate for interdisciplinary staff and volunteers, and consistent with the contextual nature of COA’saccreditation standards.

Presenter: Sr. Ann P. Conrad, PhD, LICSW, Professor, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC and Sr. M. Vincentia Joseph, PhD, LICSW, Professor Emerita, The Catholic University of America, Washington, DC

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A7. A Different Approach to Strategic Planning: SOAR – Building Strengths-based Strategy

SOAR (Strengths, Opportunities, Aspirations and Results) is an alternative approach to the strategic planning process which focuses on strengths and assesses organizational interaction by engaging an organization’s stakeholders. Workshop participants will gain an understanding of the SOAR framework and process and will acquire valuable tools that can be applied to their organization.

Presenters: Ariana Brooks, MA, Director of Evaluations, Planning and Research, HeartShare Human Services of New York, Brooklyn, NY and Stan Capela, MA, Vice President for Quality Management, HeartShare Human Services of New York, Brooklyn, NY

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A8. Those "Other" Outcomes: Identifying, Measuring, Evaluating, and Using Administration and Management Outcomes

Organizations seeking accreditation for the first time may find COA’s Performance Quality Improvement (PQI) requirements for administration and management outcomes challenging. This workshop will look at a variety of “non-program” outcomes and evidence that will promote organization-wide PQI initiatives and will establish evidence that will assist in an organization’s successful pursuit of COA accreditation.

Presenters: Rochelle Haimes, ACSW, Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA

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A9. Best-practices: The U.S. Department of State’s Cooperative Relationship with Designated Accrediting Entities in the Intercountry Adoption Context

The presentation will detail the Department of State’s role regarding COA’s accreditation and accountability responsibilities. A component of the session will be a discussion of some of the improvements in COA’s practice that have resulted from the Department’s annual review and inspection process and the Department’s cooperative relationship with COA in its regulatory role.

Presenter: LaTina Woolen, MSW, Accrediting Entity Liaison, Department of State, Office of Children’s Issues, Adoption Division, Washington, DC

CANCELLED - A10. Maximizing on Volunteerism

This workshop will explore ways you can use volunteers to manage other volunteers and expand your programs’ reach. In addition, the session will detail innovative methods to engage your current volunteers more purposefully and explore strategic techniques to recognize and communicate with volunteers to achieve retention. 

Presenters: Wes Moe, Director of Volunteer Relations, New York Cares, New York, NY

A11.  The Impact of a Shrinking Middle Class on Service Delivery

As a result of the economic crisis that began in 2008, social service agencies have experienced an increase in demand for services coupled with a decrease in funding from governmental entities, foundations and donors. An additional complexity to this challenging environment is the influx of people accessing services for the first time. This workshop panel will provide insight, tips and strategies on how staff at organizations can anticipate and effectively address the needs of this new population of service recipients.

Presenters: Derek Coelho, Parish Social Ministry and Gift Planning Officer, Catholic Charities of Baltimore, Baltimore, MD; David Flores, Group Manager, GreenPath Debt Solutions, Jericho, NY; Richard Klarberg, President & CEO, COA, New York, NY

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A12. The Components of a Successful Agency Integration: Important Considerations Pre and Post Merger/Acquisition/Partnership (Part 1 of 2)

Workshop attendees will have the unique opportunity to view what happens behind closed doors when an agency is preparing for and has finalized a merger, acquisition, or partnership. Hear perspectives and lessons learned from three agency leaders who have been involved in several varying types of mergers and acquisitions (child welfare agencies, credit counseling agencies, for-profit, and non-profit). This workshop is interactive and will provide attendees with concrete resources and examples as well as real-life experiences to illustrate significant points. In an effort to enhance learning objectives, participants will have the opportunity to share their own stories.

Please note that this is a two-part workshop with a session in A and a session in B.

Presenters: Amelia Franck Meyer, MS, MSW, APSW, LISW, Chief Executive Officer, Anu Family Services, Inc., Hudson, WI; Crystal Peterson, MSSW, APSW, Southern Regional Director, Anu Family Services, Madison, WI; Mark R. Munzenberger, BS, Director of Organizational Quality and Education, GreenPath Debt Solutions, South Lyon, MI

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A13. Addressing the Needs of Veterans, Service Members, and Families

Hundreds of thousands of the 1.7 million veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan are reported to be suffering from post-traumatic stress disorder or major depression. Increasingly, veterans, service members, and their families are seeking a range of services from organizations within their communities. Learn how your organization can provide effective supports to those coping with the traumas of combat. Panelists will address signature injuries and co-occurring conditions, necessary staff competencies for effective treatment, and emerging trends in treating this population. COA staff will also review recent updates to several of COA’s Service Standards to address the needs of veterans, service members, and their families seeking mental health, substance use, and domestic violence support services.

Presenters: Barbara Banaszynski, Senior Vice President of Program Operations, Volunteers of America, Alexandria; Louisa D'Altilia, Senior Director of Counseling & Family Resources, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, Minneapolis, MN; Anthony M. Hassan, EdD, LCSW, Director, Center for Innovation and Research on Veterans and Military Families (CIR), Clinical Associate Professor, Major, U.S. Air Force (Ret.), University of Southern California - School of Social Work, Los Angeles, CA; Jo Ann R. Coe Regan, PhD, MSW, Council on Social Work Education (CSWE) and United States Marine Corps Military Spouse, Alexandria, VA; Tammy Weisenberger, MA, LPC, Operations Director, Lutheran Social Service of Minnesota, Mankato, MN

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Monday, August 6: 3:30 – 5:00 PM

Workshops B

B1. How to Survive in Turbulent and Unpredictable Times

Risk management programs that focus solely on minimizing or avoiding risk can result in missed opportunities to strengthen an organization’s assets, offer more meaningful services, and attract a growing constituency of donors, supporters, and volunteers. The workshop will address aspects of strategic risk management which seeks to counter potential losses and seize opportunities for gains through innovation and growth.

Presenters: Sam Sipes, President and CEO, Lutheran Services Florida, Tampa, FL

B1 Presentation

B2. Social Media Done Right in Just 30 Minutes a Day

Even if you only have 30 minutes a day for social media, you can use the methods which will be discussed during this workshop to be strategic and maximize on your engagement. Participants will learn how to use content planning and listening techniques in order to move away from broadcasting over social media to effectively interacting and engaging with stakeholders. This session will include a presentation about strategy and best practices as well as how-to processes for initiating community mapping, content planning, and results tracking.

Presenters: Amy Sample Ward, Membership Director, NTEN: The Nonprofit Technology Network, New York, NY

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B3. Integration of Racial Equity Strategies into COA Standards

This workshop will present the efforts of COA’s partnership with the Black Administrators in Child Welfare (BACW) to help agencies address treatment disparities and overrepresentation of children of color in child welfare. Presenters will introduce the ten Racial Equity Strategy Areas (RESA) developed by BACW as well as strategies for integrating RESA into COA standards.

Presenter: Yvonne Gilchrist, MEd, Consultant, Black Administrators in Child Welfare, Washington, DC and Donald Clark, MSW, Director of Policy and Government Affairs, Black Administrators in Child Welfare, Washington, DC

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B4. Developing a Successful PQI Program for Small Agencies

In today’s challenging human services environment, stakeholders are more frequently requesting evidence that an organization’s services are making a difference. The s solution: an organization’s ability to successfully measure outcomes. Utilizing perspectives from agency staff and a COA team leader, this workshop is designed to assist smaller organizations implement a stronger Performance Quality Improvement program.

Presenters: Chandra Brown, MS, Executive Director, Family Counseling Center of Mobile, Inc., Mobile, AL; Kenia Criminale, LCSW, PQI Manager, Family Counseling Center of Mobile, Inc. , Mobile, AL; Rochelle Haimes, ACSW, Consultant, Pittsburgh, PA

B4 Presentation
B4 CAC Staff Multi-disciplinary Survey
B4 CCCS Survey Results example
B4 CCWD 4th Qtr 2011
B4 CCWD Questionnaire
B4 END 4th Qtr 2011
B4 End Questionnaire
B4 Intern Survey
B4 Intern Survey example results
B4 Manager Supervisor Survey
B4 Peer Evaluation Survey
B4 Personnel Satisfaction Survey
B4 PQI Report Lifelines 4th Qtr 2011
B4 Stakeholder Survey Post
B4 Stakeholder Survey Pre

B5. Human Trafficking/Commercial Sexual Exploitation of Children (CSEC): What, who, where and how does it relate to your work?

Today, in the United States, it is estimated that 100,000 children annually are being lured into the commercial sex industry and sold for profit.In response, COA is proposing to incorporate prevention of Human Trafficking into its current standards. While service providers often have the best access to the most at-risk and victimized youth in our communities, a lack of understanding of this issue coupled with adequate training impedes the identification of exploited children. In this informational session, participantswill learn about Human Trafficking/CSEC, the scope and nature of the problem, who the victims are, the risks and vulnerabilities, how to recognize the red flags, and how human service professionals can respond.

Presenters: Stefania Agliano, MSW, Child Welfare Trainer, Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Hartford, CT; Vince Camarca, Director, North American Family Institute (NAFI), Farmington, CT; Polly Marston, Children Services Consultant, Connecticut Department of Children and Families, Hartford, CT; Nicole von Oy, MSW, Training and Outreach Coordinator, Love146, New Haven, CT

B5 Presentation
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B6. COA Accreditation…Why?

Why should your organization seek/continue COA accreditation? This panel presentation will focus on the value of COA accreditation from the perspective of a board member, foundation, state association, and an accredited agency.

Presenters: Michael Cusick, Executive Director, Florida Coalition for Children, Tallahassee, FL; Stephen C. Mack, Board Member, COA Board of Trustees, Inverness, IL; Phillip Redmond, Jr.; Associate Director, Child Care Division, The Duke Endowment, Charlotte, NC; Robert Siebel, Executive Director, Catholic Charities, Diocese of Brooklyn and Queens, Brooklyn, NY

B7.  Increasing Employee Engagement through COA Accreditation   

All of the world’s top performing organizations understand that employee engagement is the force that drives performance outcomes. However, studies indicate that four out of five employees are not actively engaged in their job and as such are not living up to their full potential. This workshop will demonstrate how the self-study and other components of the COA accreditation process provide organizations with opportunities to successfully increase employee engagement and as a result, strengthen an organization’s overall performance.

Presenters: Jeff Bormaster, LCSW, COA Peer Reviewer and Team Leader, Bermuda Accreditation Supervisor, Senior Director, Child Welfare League of America, Washington, DC

B7 Handout

B8. Measuring Client Outcomes in Short-Term Counseling

This workshop will address the philosophy and methods underlying an accredited organization’s EAP counseling services outcomes measurement program. Presenters will review the program’s outcome measures, discuss practical decisions made to keep the program manageable and present results from several quality improvement investigations.

Presenters: Paul Clavelle, PhD, Former Chief, Employee Assistance Program for the National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, MD and Meg Murphy, PhD, Chief, Employment Assistance for the National Security Agency, Ft. Meade, MD

B8 Presentation

CANCELLED - B9. Creative Inspiration for Young People

As educators, it is importantto understand how to tap into your creative mind with the goal of inspiring young people. This workshop will focus on understanding the process that sparks individual creativity and as such facilitating the development of an after school environment where children can find their creative niches: writing, dancing, singing, drawing, photography, acting, among other activities. Participants will walk away with a clear understanding of how to develop an effectual curriculum through a creative process that meets the developmental needs of children.

Presenters: Sonia Toledo, Executive Director, Dignity of Children, Inc., COA After School Endorser, New York, NY

CANCELLED - B10. Plays for Living: An Ancient Tool That is Still Relevant Today

Plays for Living (PFL), a 70 year old non-profit organization, uses interactive drama and theater techniques as a catalyst for positive social change and to assist people explore and address sensitive everyday issues: domestic violence, discrimination and violence in schools, gender and sexual preference, caring for aging relatives, and more.

PFL will perform "Rule of Thumb" which depicts the spectrum of domestic violence and its devastating effects at home and in the workplace. A facilitated discussion following the play will encourage attendees to explore and discuss their reactions to the play.

Presenters: Keith McHenry, Executive Director, Plays for Living, New York, NY

B11.  An Integrated Model of Behavioral Healthcare

This workshop will explore the growing trend to integrate behavioral health and primary care services that has resulted from regulatory incentives to offer integrated health services. Individuals with mental health or substance use conditions are at an increased risk of pre-mature death due to preventable and treatable physical health conditions. Integrated health services ensure that these individuals have increased access to needed primary care and behavioral health services, reduced incidence of serious or acute physical illness, increased capacity to manage their chronic conditions, and improved overall health. Presenters will explore the integrated behavioral health and primary care service delivery model, including real-world examples of promising practice tools and strategies, and discuss how COA’s standards have been updated to accommodate this developing practice.

Presenters: Kathy Reynolds, MSW, ACSW, Vice President, Health Integration and Wellness Promotion, National Council for Community Behavioral Healthcare; Melissa Dury, LCSW, DoD Standards and PCR Manager, COA, New York, NY

B11 Presentation

B12. The Components of a Successful Agency Integration: Important Considerations Pre and Post Merger/Acquisition/Partnership (Part 2 of 2)

Workshop attendees will have the unique opportunity to view what happens behind closed doors when an agency is preparing for and has finalized a merger, acquisition, or partnership. Hear perspectives and lessons learned from three agency leaders who have been involved in several varying types of mergers and acquisitions (child welfare agencies, credit counseling agencies, for-profit, and non-profit). This workshop is interactive and will provide attendees with concrete resources and examples as well as real-life experiences to illustrate significant points. In an effort to enhance learning objectives, participants will have the opportunity to share their own stories.

Please note that this is a two-part workshop with a session in A and a session in B.

Presenters: Amelia Franck Meyer, MS, MSW, APSW, LISW, Chief Executive Officer, Anu Family Services, Inc., Hudson, WI; Crystal Peterson, MSSW, APSW, Southern Regional Director, Anu Family Services, Madison, WI; Mark R. Munzenberger, BS, Director of Organizational Quality and Education, GreenPath Debt Solutions, South Lyon, MI

Tuesday, August 7: 10:00 – 11:30 AM

Workshops C

C1.  Building a Practice Model for Change Management and Continuous Improvement

Presenters from the American Public Human Services Association (APHSA) will share tools and methods to help human services agencies manage change at the strategic, major project, and daily operating levels. In addition, they will discuss examples from state and local improvement efforts and facilitate a discussion of attendees’ own experiences with managing and sustaining change.

Presenter: Phil Basso, Director of Practice Innovation, APHSA, Washington, DC

C1 Presentation
C1 Handout 1
C1 Handout 2
C1 Handout 3

C2. Incorporating an Outcomes Benchmarking System into Your PQI Plan
This presentation will detail the development of a state-wide outcomes benchmarking system and show how results can be incorporated into your agency’s PQI processes, inform practice, facilitate research and influence performance-based contracting. Real-life examples will be cited that demonstrate the use of outcomes data to improve services and engage agency staff in the PQI process.

Presenters: Cathleen Graham, MSW, LCSW, Executive Director of IARCCA, An Association of Children & Family Services; Sharon Pierce, President & CEO, The Villages of Indiana, Indianapolis, IN; Jacqueline R. Wall, PhD, CRC, Associate Professor, University of Indianapolis, Indianapolis, IN

C2 Presentation

C3. Confronting Organizational Racism: An Innovative and Effective Approach to Increasing Organizational Capacity

This is a didactive and interactive workshop that will describe a confronting organizational racism initiative at a large social service agency in New York City. The presenters will engage the audience in examining the impact of race, culture and structural racism on social service delivery and staff diversity and inclusion.

Presenter: Shirley de Peña, LCSW, Social Work Internship Coordinator, Master Trainer - Social Work Practice, Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, New York, NY and Joan Adams, LCSW, Founder and Senior Consultant, Anti-Racism & Multicultural Consultation & Training Service, Jewish Board of Family and Children's Services, New York, NY

CANCELLED - C4. From Strategic Planning to Positioning: A Strategy Revolution

As the field of human services evolves, organizational leaders must think, lead, and proceed differently. Traditional strategic planning is no longer sufficient to successfully navigate the current challenges facing social service organizations. Come and learn about a new approach that goes beyond conventional strategic planning that will ensure long-term organizational sustainability.

Presenter: Mary Ann Sullivan, MSW, LISW, Vice President for Program Operations, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN and Brenda Younger, PhD, CPA, Vice President for Finance and Administration, Catholic Charities of St. Paul and Minneapolis, Minneapolis, MN

C5. The ABC Pilot Project: Findings from the Implementation of An Evidence-based Model Into a Diverse Community

This session will present an overview of the development, implementation and findings of a Hawaii based pilot of the Attachment and Bio-behavioral Catch-Up Intervention (ABC). Created by Mary Dozier, PhD from the University of Delaware,ABC is a home based training program for caregivers of children who have been neglected.

Presenters: Patria Weston-Lee, LCSW, Senior Program Specialist, Consuelo Foundation, Honolulu, HI

C6. MAAC: A Thriving and Expanding Collaborative

This workshop will provide an overview of the Multi-Agency Alliance for Children’s (MAAC) innovative approach to the advancement of life-changing results for Georgia’s youth and families. For over ten years, MAAC has been a successful collaborative of seven agencies that provides a full continuum of services that focus on youth living in a community setting. Presenters will walk through MAAC’s logic model and core values as well as share how multiple system and agencies can work together to achieve shared goals.

Presenters: Heather Rowles, Executive Director, MAAC, Atlanta, GA and Mike Angstadt, Executive Director, Twin Cedars Youth and Family Services, Inc. and Vice Board Chair of MAAC, LaGrange, GA

C6 Presentation

C7.  The Palm Beach Approach to COA Accreditation for After School Programs

Learn from Palm Beach County’s successful partnership of four local agencies that worked together to develop an effective system for preparing After School Programs for COA accreditation, as well as long-term, locally monitored, high quality programming. Participants will learn how establishing a system of support with local partners can be a vital tool to creating and sustaining quality programming. Presenters will highlight lessons learned throughout the process of developing and implementing a local system and the preparation of programs throughout and after the accreditation process.

Presenter: Dominique Arrieux, Director of Quality Improvement, Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc., Boynton Beach, FL and Rhonda Rogers, Director of Community Engagement & Supports, Prime Time Palm Beach County, Inc., Boynton Beach, FL

C7 Presentation

C8. Creating New Service Horizons through Strategic Restructuring

Opportunities abound for alliances, mergers and collaborations. Strategic restructuring can open exciting doors and transform partnerships, especially when partners bring complementary strengths that stretch one another in new and innovative ways. Using real-life case studies, this panel session outlines the why, what, how and who of the exploration and implementation process to achieve restructuring’s transformative potential.

Presenters: Rich Gitlen, Vice President Community Services for Liberty Lutheran and Executive Director of Lutheran Child and Family Service, Philadelphia, PA; Jill A. Schumann, MBA, Senior Consultant, Dewey & Kaye, Pittsburgh, PA; Marie Tolen, LMSW, Director of Organizational Improvement, Lutheran Child and Family Service of Michigan, Bay City, MI

C8 Presentation

C9. Achieving Effective Leadership through Research

In our present and ever-changing environment, the use of current research on leadership and power in the workplace is critical in sustaining an effective workplace. However and realistically, it is difficult to do so with limited time and resources. This interactive presentation will address current leadership practices and detail what evidence-based research tells us about cutting edge trends.

Presenters: Bruce Hardy, PhD, MA, MEd, BA, Program Coordinator, Douglas College, New Westminster, BC

C9 Presentation

C10. Disruptive Forces: Driving a Human Services Revolution

Non-profit human service leaders are currently expected to lead through a time of uncertainty, complexity and dramatic change. What are the forces that will redefine the way we deliver services in alignment with our missions? What kind of competencies will be necessary to survive and thrive in this unprecedented environment? This presentation will address these questions through an examination of the six key disruptive forces that will inevitably change the landscape of non-profits.

Presenters: Polina Makievsky, Chief Operating Officer, Alliance for Children and Families, Milwaukee, WI

C10 Presentation

C11. The Marriage of Quality and Compliance: Making it Work in Today's Challenging Regulatory Environment

More than ever before, today's operating and regulatory environments present service providers with two clear choices: take a purely defensive posture or initiate an organizational "tune-up". This workshop will focus on developing practical solutions in response to crushing external audit pressures and regulatory demands by embedding a culture of compliance throughout your organization.

Presenters: Helene Boinski-Bartlett, PhD, Owner and Chief Consultant, Quality Management Consulting, LLC, Phoenix, AZ

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