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Closing Remarks

Thank you, Juan. As the Latino population grows in our country, the role of leaders like you and Jorge Acosta and so many others becomes increasingly important. COA is committed to working with the Latino members of our allianza to ensure that we are relevant to the needs of Latino individuals and all people of color.

Well, that brings us just about to the end of our conference. And what a conference it has been. Many people have come up to me to congratulate me on how well run and well planned the conference has been. I certainly agree that it has been both, but none of the credit for that goes to me. It all belongs to Joseph Seoane, our Director of Client Relations, and his staff – Zoe, Helen, Rose, and on and on. Although he will kill me for doing this, I would ask that Joseph and the team stand so we can thank you.

I would also like to express my personal gratitude to Sr. Ann Patrick Conrad and the entire COA board. You have given me the opportunity to do things, meet people and witness miracles far beyond my expectations. Your support of me and the COA staff is a shining example of what good governace is all about. Thank you.

You know, I was thinking about what I would remember about all that has occurred in these event filled days: the presence of our international partners, the comments of the State Department at yesterday’s breakfast, the remarks by Children’s Rights, and, of course, Juan’s speech now.

But I have to admit that – perhaps like you – I will never forget the courage and determination of Kyle Maynard. His will not to be defeated by the challenges he faced but rather to use those challenges to make him stronger is a lesson for each of us personally and professionally during these difficult times.

Each of us has a special responsibility: to do what we can in ways that we can to change the lives of those who are vulnerable – regardless of their age, their color or their background. This is a serious mission especially today. For COA and myself, we pledge our allegiance to this special partnership we have with you to help you fulfill that responsibility. Together we will work miracles.

Thank you again for being a part of this partnership meeting, for being so very, very supportive of COA and for all that you do for those who depend on you.

Thank you and safe travels.

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