Sanctioned Organizations

COA may impose a sanction for a new applicant seeking accreditation or for a currently accredited organization or program. Information is available about substantiated complaints and adverse actions against Hague accredited and approved providers in Hague Monitoring and Oversight.

A sanction may be imposed based on failure to implement or maintain sufficient implementation of/continuing performance with a single standard that addresses stakeholder health or safety or compromises the credibility of COA’s accreditation process.

Sanctions for new applicants seeking accreditation include:

(a) Determination of ineligibility to apply for accreditation; and
(b) Denial of accreditation.

Sanctions for accredited organizations and programs include:

(a) Probation;
(b) Suspension of accreditation;
(c) Revocation of accreditation;
(d) Determination of ineligibility to undergo the reaccreditation process; and
(e) Denial of reaccreditation.

If an organization has been sanctioned, their status will be displayed under Who is Accredited.


Private Organization Accreditation

White's Residential & Family Services is Indiana's largest social services agency offering accredited and comprehensive residential, foster care, independent living, adoption, and home-based services.


Holy Family Institute

Sister Linda Yankoski, President/CEO

The Council On Accreditation provides all stakeholders involved in the delivery of social services the assurance that the organization is credible, effective, and is committed to quality improvement. The COA process is an important tool for anyone involved in leading an organization to establish best practices and maintaining and updating these practices over time.
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