Sanctioned Organizations

COA may impose a sanction for a new applicant seeking accreditation or for a currently accredited organization or program. Information is available about substantiated complaints and adverse actions against Hague accredited and approved providers in Hague Monitoring and Oversight.

A sanction may be imposed based on failure to implement or maintain sufficient implementation of/continuing performance with a single standard that addresses stakeholder health or safety or compromises the credibility of COA’s accreditation process.

Sanctions for new applicants seeking accreditation include:

(a) Determination of ineligibility to apply for accreditation; and
(b) Denial of accreditation.

Sanctions for accredited organizations and programs include:

(a) Probation;
(b) Suspension of accreditation;
(c) Revocation of accreditation;
(d) Determination of ineligibility to undergo the reaccreditation process; and
(e) Denial of reaccreditation.

If an organization has been sanctioned, their status will be displayed under Who is Accredited.


Private Organization Accreditation

Germaine Lawrence is a residential treatment center for girls ages 12-18 with complex behavioral, psychological and learning challenges.   Girls live at our programs while receiving special education, individual, family and group therapy; psychiatric and primary medical care; and a wide variety of therapeutic activities and interventions.


Brewer-Porch Children's Center

James W. Thompson, Executive Director

The COA standards as applied to the operations at Brewer-Porch Children’s Center at The University of Alabama has given the administration an opportunity to examine best practice and improve the quality of care provided to clients.
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