The Evaluator Team will provide the adoption service provider with every opportunity to demonstrate that its policies and/or procedures are in compliance with the Hague standards. It is important for the adoption service provider to demonstrate to the Evaluator Team how it complies with the requirements of the standards within its unique culture and service environment. In order to determine compliance, several layers of questions may be asked of the adoption service provider.

Case Record Review
The site visit begins with a document review, usually on a Sunday. This allows more time during regular business hours for meetings with staff and stakeholders. It also allows the team to fully participate in each aspect of the site visit.

Entrance Meeting
The Entrance Meeting is the formal “kickoff” of the site visit. This is when the team is introduced to your CEO/Executive Director, members of your governing body, executive staff, and other relevant staff who will be involved in the site visit. During this meeting, the Lead Evaluator will review what can be expected over the next few days.

Interviews will be conducted with clients and/or personnel. The intent of interviews is to determine satisfaction with services, to determine if written policies and procedures are adhered to, and to help the team get a feel for the overall culture of the organization or individual’s practice.

Exit Meeting
The Exit Meeting is intended to provide you with some initial general feedback and to assure all key staff and board members understand what to expect next. This also allows you to bring closure to this part of the process. Specific detail about the ratings of compliance assigned will not be provided during the exit meeting.


Private Organization Accreditation

HeartShare assist individuals with developmental disabilities through education, day, residential and recreation programs, case management, and health services, and provides foster care/adoption services, counseling, after school and energy assistance programs, and programs for people with HIV/AIDS.


Brewer-Porch Children's Center

James W. Thompson, Executive Director

The COA standards as applied to the operations at Brewer-Porch Children’s Center at The University of Alabama has given the administration an opportunity to examine best practice and improve the quality of care provided to clients.
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