Some standards have forms that are referenced in the Table of Evidence. You can find them in your MyCOA account or on COA’s website.

When a form is required, you can use the form provided or attach an existing form in lieu of this document, provided that it captures all of the information requested in the form.

Forms Description
Collaborative Relationships Profile This form is used to provide information about the adoption service providers you partner with in Convention cases. You will need to include contact information for each provider. You will also need to indicate what role each provider takes on when you work on Convention cases together (e.g., primary provider, supervised provider, or exempt provider). You will need to include information about domestic and foreign partners on this form.<br />
Governing Body Profile This form is used to provide information about the members of your Governing Body/Advisory Group. This form is NA for individual practitioners seeking approval.<br />
Employee Profile This form is used to provide information about employees who are involved in the provision of services in Convention cases.<br />
Executive Verification Statement This form is used by your Executive Director and Governing Body Chair to disclose certain information, as required in the standards. This form must be notarized.<br />
State Licensing and Regulatory Profile This form is used to provide information about the state licensing rules or other regulations that apply.<br />


Private Organization Accreditation

CSS Healthcare Services provides Community based health services to the young, the elderly and to Individuals with Developmental Disability. Founded in 1997, we have the ability to offer a variety of quality community-based services to our clients, which has greatly contributed to our growth and success.


Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children's Services

Galo A. Rodriguez, M.P.H., President & CEO

Since Nuevo Amanecer Latino Children’s Services pursued its COA accreditation on October 14, 2004, this corporation has sustained a continuous quality improvement process by not looking whom to blame among the involved parties but improving what we have already done well… because good enough is not good enough.
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