Our Partnership with Cristo Rey New York High School

Although just 16 and 17 years old, once a week high school sophomore, Alan Peralta and senior, Tashawna Harris commute to the heart of New York City’s Financial District for a day of work at COA. 

Alan and Tashawna are students of Cristo Rey New York High School whose innovative Corporate Work Study Program (CWSP) is a critical component of the student experience. Students work one day per week in entry-level positions at an assigned company, earning up to 50% of the cost of their education.

Students become integral to some of the most prestigious corporations and nonprofit institutions in and around New York City. The program's value though is not specific to students, CWSP sponsors too experience palpable benefits. Now in its third year of partnership with Cristo Rey, COA staff have had the privilege of working alongside Tashawna, now in her third and final year at COA, and Alan, who began in the fall of 2016. Each week, we rely on their eager minds, fresh energy and unique perspectives as they tackle a wide range of responsibilities across departments, from tweeting out to COA’s network to digitizing our records to filing financial information to assisting in the preparation of training materials. 

“Tashawna is an outstanding student worker. I am constantly in awe of her maturity and ambition," says Sabrina Harris, Accreditation Coordinator at COA and Tashawna’s supervisor. “She is always eager to take on challenging projects and learn new skills. While Tashawna is a tremendous asset to COA in her work with various departments, her contribution goes beyond the completion of day-to-day tasks. Her presence has a positive impact on COA’s organizational culture, which is something that we value most of all.”

James Williams, COA Site Visit Coordinator, shares this sentiment as Alan’s supervisor, “I am honored to have the opportunity to work with Cristo Rey and Alan. What we at COA provide in terms of professional growth and a place to put their knowledge and skills to good practice is returned ten-fold by the hard work, dedication, and talent Alan brings to the office every Wednesday.”

Without a doubt, this partnership and Tashawna and Alan’s weekly presence has enhanced organizational culture and morale, freed up staff for additional responsibilities and heightened our connection to our NYC community.


Cristo Rey New York High School celebrates the diversity of New York City while striving to make a social impact. It welcomes students of all races, nationalities and faiths, and their curriculum and extracurricular activities honor the many origins of their student body.

378 students in grades 9-12


59% female

41% male


73% Hispanic

20% African-American

7% other ethnicities

By Borough

Bronx – 54%

Manhattan – 36%

Brooklyn – 5%

Queens – 4%

Other – 1%

Average Family Income


Average Adjusted Available Income



Private Organization Accreditation

Northside Psychological Services is a combination of both private practice and community mental health provider. We provide services to children and adults (EAP, private insurance, private pay, etc.) in our private practice setting. In our Community Care Program, we provide services to children and adolescents in their homes.


Ulysses Arteaga, L.C.S.W.

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The Consuelo Foundation 2012 Peer Reviewer of the Year, Mr. Arteaga conducts two to three site visits a year, often volunteering for visits that require a Spanish speaking peer.
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