Niles Home for Children, Kansas City, MO

Hip Health: An Integrated, Holistic Delivery System for Health and Wellness Services

Abstract: In 2005, Niles Home for Children launched the Hip Health initiative, to increase awareness and knowledge among the agency’s clients about the relationship between proper nutrition and physical activity, as well as provide health and wellness services that would improve the children’s overall health. What has since evolved, is an integrated, holistic health and wellness delivery system that impacts Niles youth and staff in six key areas – food and nutrition, health and wellness, sports and physical activity, healthy lifestyles, adolescents only, and leading by example.  Niles has developed and expanded the initiative that now equips about 150 youth and 55 staff members to lead healthier and more active lifestyles. The ultimate goal of “Hip Health” is to help youth permanently establish healthy habits that they will benefit from not only now, but well into the future by helping prevent the many diseases caused by obesity and poor nutrition.

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Private Organization Accreditation

White's Residential & Family Services is Indiana's largest social services agency offering accredited and comprehensive residential, foster care, independent living, adoption, and home-based services.


Audrey Coleman, RN-MSN

Volunteer Roles: Military Reviewer; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

My first experience with COA was in 1999 with what was a NC Area Program. I started as a peer reviewer in 2005, doing two to four site visits a year. I am also a team leader and have recently been approved to be a military reviewer.
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