Waterford Country School, Quaker Hill, CT

Improving Child Outcomes through CARE, a Program Model by Cornell University

Abstract: Waterford Country School has been running high-quality congregate care programs for many years. For the last several years, the program leadership has sought ways to improve on child outcomes beyond the consistently positive levels, and tried many new initiatives without the desired success. Two years ago, we had the opportunity to review the new CARE (Children and Residential Experiences) treatment model by Martha Holden from the Cornell University Family Life Development Center. The connection between the CARE model and what Waterford Country School was seeking was immediate:CARE provided a framework to tie together all the initiatives we identified as beneficial to children, and complemented Cornell’s Therapeutic Crisis Intervention model, which we adopted in 1994.

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Private Organization Accreditation

Family Services of Southeast Texas strengthens families through accessible, affordable counseling services and education for issues affecting family life, mental health and employment.  We also provide comprehensive domestic violence shelter and support services.


Jane Bonk, Ph.D., LCSW

Volunteer Roles: Commissioner; Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

Dr. Jane Bonk is a team leader, evaluator, and commissioner who has led over 25 site visits for COA.
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