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On May 25th 2011, Shepell•fgi became the first EFAP provider to release a mobile device application; signifying a milestone within the industry and digital access to professional support. In our EFAP practice, we strive to deliver services using clinical best practices and technological advances for easy client access - how, when and where they wish to receive support. 

The purpose of this paper is to examine how the innovation and continued development of our mobile device application (My EAP) supports our goal to deliver professional EFAP support anywhere, anytime, in accordance with our clients’ needs and requirements. My EAP makes EFAP information and support easily accessible to mobile users through expert information on a wide variety of health and wellness topics, and interactive tools that include professional clinical counselling. 

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First Chat

Abstract: The purpose of this paper is to examine First Chat user demographics, compare the number of clinical vs. administrative accesses, determine whether clients who had not previously accessed EFAP services are now accessing via First Chat, and to poll user satisfaction with the service based on post-service satisfaction survey results.

Shepell•fgi looked at the total sample of 407 chats from the period of December 2011 to January 2012. These outcomes were then compared against data from other Shepell•fgi counselling services for 2011.

The study measured the following four data poin

  1. User results by age and gender; [individuals must be 18 years of age or older to access this service]
  2. The ratio of clinical chat interventions vs. chats that were administrative in nature and may have resulted in clients being redirected to other services. [Each chat is coded to indicate if it was a clinical intervention or an admin/redirect call.]
  3. The number of new clients accessing EFAP services for the first time through First Chat. [Every chat user was compared against historical access data to determine if they were a first-time EFAP user.]
  4. Client satisfaction based on post-chat survey feedback;

Levels of satisfaction are based on the 95 client-reported post-chat surveys that were completed and submitted by clients. The data was collected and manually analyzed by Shepell•fgi staff. The voluntary post-chat survey presented the client with five questions to rate satisfaction with their First Chat experience. They are:

  1. I was comfortable using this EFAP chat counselling service;
  2. I felt that my provider understood my problems and concerns;
  3. I felt that my provider provided relevant information that assisted me with my problems;
  4. I felt that my provider helped me consider the options and solutions to resolve my problems;
  5. I would recommend EFAP counsellor chat service to others.


The results indicated that neither gender nor age appear to be obstacles to accessing First Chat. Trending does indicate that a younger adult demographic is drawn to this new tool over other ways to access EFAP services. Users in their 20s accessed the tool two times more than other EFAP access options. The study also indicates that we are reaching new clients

Of the 95 satisfaction surveys completed, 94% of clients reported feeling comfortable using chat as a clinical counselling service; 84% indicated they were provided relevant information that assisted in addressing their problems; 90% reported the counsellor "understood my problems and concerns"; and 81% agreed that "my provider helped me consider the options and solutions to resolve my problems." Users indicated that First Chat met their needs and 87% would recommend First Chat to others.


It is clear that while we are reaching clients of all ages, a younger adult demographic is drawn to First Chat. Although the number of male clients has not increased as much as we had anticipated, this number remains consistent with male access patterns in other service modalities. We are reaching new clients who have not previously accessed EFAP, and those who do access First Chat are reportedly very satisfied with the service.


Private Organization Accreditation

CSS Healthcare Services provides Community based health services to the young, the elderly and to Individuals with Developmental Disability. Founded in 1997, we have the ability to offer a variety of quality community-based services to our clients, which has greatly contributed to our growth and success.


Nicole Deprez-Garrity, M.Ed.

Volunteer Roles: Endorser, Lead Endorser

Nicole Deprez-Garrity is a lead After School Endorser based in Germany.
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