Optimist Boy’s Home & Ranch, Inc., Los Angeles, CA

Vital Factors: Your Way to Success

Abstract: In 2007, OYHFS’supper management was approved by its Board of Directors to undertakean extensive training course called Management Action Plan (MAP), with the agency’s goal of surviving the upcoming county-, state- and country-wide budget crisis. Inspired by a book called Vital Factors: The Secret to Transforming Your Business - And Your Lifeall executive team members attended a two-day training to devise personal, management, and agency goals. After the training, our team implemented a monthly MAP meeting and developed a long-term plan for theagency, including agency-wide, program-specific, and personal key objectives for each fiscal year. Based on this long-term plan, we have developed monthly goals to track our follow-through and success, and have evaluated our annual goals each fiscal year. All data are captured in the attached Vital Factor Spreadsheet, which is reviewed monthly during our MAP meeting.

This process has helped the executive team address different budget situations, including planning new programs, closing programs, and laying-off staff in a professional and rational step-by-step process. It has also helped the Board of Directors to be more involved in decision-making, andin setting and reviewing of goalsin a more professional way.To our knowledge, we are the only Los Angeles County Child Welfare Agency using this management system.

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White's Residential & Family Services is Indiana's largest social services agency offering accredited and comprehensive residential, foster care, independent living, adoption, and home-based services.


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My first experience with COA was in 1999 with what was a NC Area Program. I started as a peer reviewer in 2005, doing two to four site visits a year. I am also a team leader and have recently been approved to be a military reviewer.
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