COA Staff and Board

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Administration & Finance

Richard Klarberg President/Chief Executive Officer
James Carr Chief Financial Officer
Kathy Hechtlinger Vice President for Human Resources
Selena Rojas Human Resources Assistant
Sherry Peng Controller
Judy Chan Staff Accountant
Kayle Ross Accounts Receivable Coordinator
Brunna Sejour Accounts Payable Administrative Assistant

Accreditation Commission

Sierra Kraft Manager of Accreditation Commission

Accreditation Operations

Christina Byrne Senior Vice President for Accreditation Operations
Shannon Green Director of Accreditation Programs
Katie Bourgault Director of Public Agency Accreditation
Grace Perry Accreditation Coordinator, Public Agency Accreditation
Leticia Hernandez Program Associate, Public Agency Accreditation
Lorraine Smikle Accreditation Programs Manager
Janine Cheng Senior Accreditation Coordinator
Sabrina Harris Accreditation Coordinator
Marissa Kirshenbaum Accreditation Coordinator
Alisha Phillip Accreditation Coordinator
Allison Peay Accreditation Coordinator
Andreas Stocker Accreditation Coordinator
Darlene Wood Intake Process Coordinator

Child & Youth Development Program Accreditation

Kimo Richardson Director of Child & Youth Development Program
Mei-Lam Rice Senior Accreditation Coordinator, Child and Youth Development Program
Mayowa Osinubi External Engagement Associate, Child and Youth Development Program
Thea Heninger-Lowell Accreditation Coordinator, Child and Youth Development Program

Client Relations

Joseph Seoane Vice President for Client Relations
Zoë Hutchinson Director of Business Development
Emily Brush Digital and Creative Communications Specialist
Tina Celano Client Relations Assistant
Rose Chew Client Relations Specialist
Jaclyn Green-Stock Public Affairs and Government Relations Associate
Helen Torres Client Services Associate

Military Family Readiness Program Accreditation

Cynthia Rykowski Program Manager of MFR Program Accreditation
Kathy Connelly Senior Accreditation Coordinator, DOD Contracts

Quality Improvement

David Haynik Director of Quality Improvement
Kerry Deas Quality Improvement Manager
Danielle Cook Senior Quality Improvement Coordinator

Information Technology and Business Intelligence

Timothy Stockert Vice President for IT and Business Intelligence
Wanderli Brone Director of Technology Management
Ashrafuddin Talukder Systems Administrator
Patrick Nylen Manager, Business Intelligence and Database Administration
Gene Feliz Coordinator, Systems Development and Web Technologies

Hague Accreditation

Jayne Schmidt Director of Hague Accreditation and Social Work Field Instruction
Juanita Lasprilla Hague Compliance Officer, Special Counsel
Rebecca Slife Intercountry Adoption Accreditation Manager
Kristen Mallory Accreditation Coordinator, Hague

Office Services

Rosa Valdes Office Services Manager

Standards Development

Stephanie Pacinella Vice President for Standards Development
Melissa Dury Associate Director of Standards Development
Joe Frisino Standards Technical Assistance Consultant
Anna Simonsen-Meehan Standards Associate
Isabelle Leventhal Standards Associate
Susan Russell-Smith Standards Associate
Tamara Frere Research Associate
Lucia Hsiao Research Associate

Volunteer Engagement

Tobi Murch Director of Volunteer Engagement
Darrell Woodliff Site Visit Manager
Phil Vazquez Senior Site Visit Coordinator
James Williams Site Visit Coordinator


Private Organization Accreditation

Catholic Charities alleviates human suffering and improves the quality of life of 100,000 people annually, regardless of religious background. A staff of 600 provides support and services related to housing, food, mental health, children's services, addiction treatment, and domestic violence services.


Bonnie Bagley

Volunteer Roles: Evaluator; Lead Evaluator; Peer Reviewer; Team Leader

I have found that being a COA Volunteer builds my professional skills and experience in ways that more traditional workshops do not. The opportunity to learn about best practices through the COA standards and then see how agencies implement them is truly a growth experience.
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